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Zeroes by Petr Marek is a math puzzle game that will keep math fun to learn!

You've thought that math is hard and boring. Now learn that math can be beautiful and fun.

Your goal is simple. Make zero on every dot! How to prove it? By placing blocks with math operations on dots.

There are several types of blocks to use. Blocks with plus, minus, multiplication or division, horizontal, vertical and diagonal, shorter or longer. You have to use them all to solve every puzzle. But mostly, you have to use your cleverness!

  • Place blocks on dots
  • Calculate zero on every dot
  • Solve 60 puzzles

Zeroes is a clever Math puzzle game that clearly will test your math skill. The idea is simple. You are given some numbers and blocks. The objective is to drag the blocks to the numbers so that all the numbers become zero. Sounds easy? Yes, the first few levels are child's play. But it gets more and more complicated especially with the introduction of multiplication, division and bigger numbers in the much later levels.

When I said that it gets complicated, the game really gets quite complicated. I am starting to get stuck for a little while in level 10 of the blue stage. Sometimes I wish there are a hint button, but I think it is best that the hint is not available because it may actually ruin the game. The idea of a puzzle game is to think and figure out the puzzle. If a hint button is present, it will defeat the definition of a puzzle game.

So, is it fun, you ask? Well, if you can tolerate math, you should find this game quite amusing. On the other hand, if you do LIKE Math, get your drinks and snacks near your table as you are not going anywhere anytime soon!