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Adventure Halloween HTML5 Promoted Collection Puzzle

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Zenaya by Senshi.Labs is a 10-minute experimental mini-game by Senshi.Labs as a means to test the player’s knowledge about Philippine folklore.

Think of this game as a visual riddle that you have to solve.

Story: Zenaya’s physical body has been stolen by a Diwata. To retrieve it, she has to pass through the obstacles that the Diwata throws at her. As you control Zenaya, weave your way through puzzles and mythical creatures lurking in the dark by switching to her temporary corporeal form and back.

Coming fresh from reviewing a game based on Japanese folklore, Zenaya brings you into another folklore of Philippine origin. Like any folklore around the world, the game features both mystery and horror.

The look and feel of the game brings players to a mystical world of spirits and gods. What you need to do in the game is to solve on-screen puzzles. You can solve the puzzle with the help of your character's power to go into her trance state. She will be able to lift boulders and see in colors. Beware, however, once you fail to solve the puzzle, the grim reaper is there to take your life.

Zenaya, unfortunately does not provide any kind of hint. When you are stuck with a puzzle, you may be stuck for a long time. I wish there is hint system to solve the puzzle.

Overall, Zenaya is a somewhat intriguing puzzle and point and click adventure game. The puzzles can be quite difficult to crack at times. Nevertheless, one thing that Zenaya keeps it consistent is the dark and mysterious feel of the game! The spirits give this game an extra eery jolt which will remind you of some classics asian horror films.