Yumeno's Training by Xeptimuz is an endless shooter game where you are training Yumeno who aspires to be a great Sorcerer

Yumeno always wants to become a great sorcerer by aiming training droids. Not only studying great magic spells, but also aiming is important too. Guide her and fulfill her aiming skills!

Yumeno's training is an endless shooter game infused with anime style art style.

The game is simple enough. You control a sorcerer's apprentice and your task is to shoot all incoming red bots and bubbles before they destroy you. In the mean time, you can also shoot Yellow bots and bubbles for extra points.

Unfortunately, Yumeno's Training desperately needs something else to make the game more interesting to retain players. An upgrade system and more enemy variations can go a long way to improve replayability of this game.

Overall, Yumeno's Training features a likeable character and art-style. However, the gameplay suffers from lack of content, which I hope it will be addressed in the future. Try mobile version of Yumeno's Training for better control and accuracy.