WoW Classic Season of Mastery Game Guide: The Information About the DPS Ranking Tier List

WoW Classic Season of Mastery Game Guide: The Information About the DPS Ranking Tier List

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With the coming of the next chapter of World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Mastery, there are a lot of changes in the latest version of the game. For instance, raid bosses have been improved a higher health total in the new season and they will not be limited due to the debuffs in the game. In addition, World Buffs and the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer can not be used in raids. Due to the large changes of the game, players want to know how to choose the suitable DPS options to play in the Season of Mastery. Meanwhile, if you expect to have a good performance in Season of Mastery, you should try to buy WOW Classic SOM Gold to collect more essential items for your character in the game.

S Tier

There are three classes in S Tier. They are Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest.

When it comes to caster classes, they are the most important classes in Phase One of the Season of Mastery. Because of the removal of the debuff cap, the spellcasters will become stronger than before. But some melee classes low down in the tier list. Players who expect to try Mages can improve skill talents in the Frost and Arcane trees. Some players who have played the former Classic WoW, they have known that the bosses they meet in Phase One are resistant to fire spells. So, Mages don’t need to spec into the Fire tree. Warlocks will increase the skill talents into the Affliction tree, because this class will find the most useful solution in the Season of Mastery as the debuff cap are encountering on raid bosses.

A Tier

There are four classes in A Tier. They are Warrior, Rogue,Hunter, Balance Druid.

Players will find that there are obvious dropoff in damage in the new Season of Mastery. The reason is the disappearance of World Buffs in the latest version. Warriors can be the top option of DPS option in the former version, while players will not choose it in the Season of Mastery. You can choose Hunters and Balance Druids as well. And you should pay attention to other ranged DPS options in the game.

B Tier

There are three classes in B Tier. They are Feral Druid, Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman.

Feral Druid and Shaman specializations are normal choices that demands a lot of effort to upgrade high levels in the game. Players Should work hard to improve their ability to beat bosses in the game. You can try to obtain more endgame gear, and equip with best weapons for them. Although you can make Feral, Elemental, and Enhancement work to improve your character, you also need to consider to choose the best classes in high Tier level.

C Tier

They are Retribution Paladins in C Tier.

Players think that Retribution Paladins are still the weakest class in Season of Mastery. They can only make a low damage output in both single and multi-target situations instead of other melee classes. Player who playing Retribution should focus on the improvement of damage in the game. And they also need to find other ways to improve their value in the tanking and healing parts in the team in Season of Mastery.

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