World of Aircrafts Spitfire

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

World of Aircrafts Spitfire by Celescu lets you pilot a Spitfire Supermarine and fight against german fighters and bombers.

Update: Controls are much better on the app version. You can choose using joystick or gyroscope!

Pilot a Spitfire Supermarine and fight against german fighters and bombers: Focke-Wulf 190 and Heinkel 111. In a realistic and beautiful 3D scene: France and English Channel (free version) you can recreate the battle for Britain with probably the most elegant fighter of this terrible war, the Spitfire.

Features: (based on the full app version)

  • Realistic 3D environment and physics of aircrafts
  • You can take off your Spitfire and landing too.
  • Simulate infinite terrain
  • You can choose touch control (joystick on screen) or gyroscope
  • Lots of navigation instruments: Radar, Compass, Speedometer and Altimeter. You can disable them
  • Modern HUD (non historical of course) to ease flight and combat experience
  • Very good perfomance with android devices. You can choice three graphic quality options
  • GUI Indicators on screen of enemies
  • Relaxing and optional music background
  • With several missions you can climb the ladder of command

Since the 16-bit SNES era with the likes of Star Fox and Pilotwings, flying simulation games always have special place in our hearts. When I see that World of Aircrafts Spitfire, my thought immediately think of those 2 games as a benchmark.

Basic control:
1. Arrow Keys to move the rudder and control the direction of the aircraft
2. Start Engine button to start your engine
3. Throttle control where you can adjust your speed of your aircraft
4. Fire button to shoot

One thing that I immediately notice about this game is that the control can be confusing at times. Holding on to press left or right arrow key will cause the aircraft to do a spiral while down and up arrow will let you perform a 360 rotation. So far, so good. However, when you want to do a hard left or right turn, most of the time, you'll end up do a spiral. Furthermore, when you want to climb as quickly as possible by pressin the up button, it might make you do a 360 rotation, which can be disorienting.

This control makes is somewhat frustrating when you are chasing the enemy. You thought you are going to lock in, but you end up doing something that you don't intend to.

Overall, World of Aircrafts Spitfire has the potential. However, the developer should improve the control in order for this game to achieve its true potential. Be sure to check out the full app version for extra missions!

World of Aircrafts Spitfire