Will VR Ever Take Off?

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The hype of the Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been making rounds for a few years now. It was considered as one of the breakthrough developments in the world of digital technology. As of now, it is being applied in a few fields, such as gaming and other entertainment aspects. The movie and gaming businesses, especially, have taken advantage of this invention and are offering an amazing immersive experience to the viewers through VR.

However, as of now, not many fields are exploring this technology to benefit from it. Even the movie and gaming industries have limited options that actually make use of VR. Hence, it is obvious for many of us to wonder will VR ever takes off?

There are a lot of speculations to make, and most of it depends on the core business too. Keep reading to know all about it below.

Virtual Reality in Online Gambling and Gaming Industries

Currently, VR technology is being equipped in online gambling to offer punters with a realistic casino experience in the online world. Rather than playing games alone, there is a scope of increased socialization for the players through VR, taking the gambling to another level.

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Furthermore, VR games like Blue Mars, Second Life, Empire of Sports and a few others are also an utter hit among the users.

Movie Watching through VR

A small percentage of VR-based movies have come out, and the audience has loved this new concept of watching the movies. It gives you an incredibly immersive experience and opens up a realistic view to watch.

While these industries have embraced VR technology and trying their best to entertain the audience through it, they are still facing some issues. These issues could hinder the take-off of the VR. What these issues are, let’s find out in the below section.

The gap between the VR Software and headset

The developers of the VR headsets are coming up with their own models. This means the game programmers should design different software for each game depending on the model of headset it can be used on. This is not feasible on a larger level and hence is creating a gap between the VR software and headset. Users can only buy one headset, and if the game is not available in that version, they will be wasting their investment.

Reduced User base

In the beginning, when the VR was launched, it had an impressive fan following. However, the excitement was soon lost due to various reasons. Some of the reasons include the discomfort caused by the headset, in the long run, unavailability on different games and such others.

While the chances of virtual reality, becoming an everyday concept might seem natural, it still has a long way to go. Since the technology has a lot of potentials, we can only hope that it overcomes its downsides and takes off soon.