Why You Should Play Slots Online, Rather Than at Land-Based Casinos?

Why You Should Play Slots Online, Rather Than at Land-Based Casinos?

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The most diverse casino game category by far must be online slots. That is why an immense amount of players from all over the world pick online slots over any other casino game. This is most likely a consequence of their diversity. Powered by the latest HTML5 technology, it signifies that they are compatible with any desktop or mobile device. That allows them to be accessible any place, any time.

In this fast-paced day and age, online slots fit perfectly mainly because online slot game providers always look for new and innovative ways to make the most unique slots every chance they get. In doing so, they make sure the gaming experience is never dull.

In this article, we shall take a look at some if not most of the list of reasons why players choose online slots rather than the tangible ones at land-based casinos.

Online Slots are Easier to Access

As mentioned above, online slots are very much available on many devices that have an Internet connection. If the flashing light and the crowdedness of a land-based casino is something a player wants to avoid, online slots are the right alternative for these players.

Instead of going to the nearest land-based casino, pub, hotel or restaurant whenever a player wants to enjoy a game, online slots are available in the comfort of their home. All that is required is an Internet-connected device such as a laptop or a smartphone.

Unlike land-based slot games where players would need coins, online slot games offer the player an easier payment method. The player can simply load the online casino account with real money from their bank account and start playing. This makes online slot games that much more easy to access.

Online Slot Games are More Diverse

Having over a hundred different categories and subcategories is where online slot games really shine. When a player checks out an online casino, they are most likely to come across different types of online slot games such as:

  • Classic slots – they have three reels; often used symbols are fruits, bars, 7s and diamonds; are fast pace; usually without bonus features
  • Video slots – have five reels, sometimes more; have strong theme supported by audiovisual effects; free games and pick object bonuses
  • Progressive slots – flexible payouts (increases with every bet); jackpot can be hit with a combination of symbols, bonus games or randomly
  • Branded slots – based on movies, tv shows, popular games, sports even rock bands

Online Slots are Fair and Secure

When players choose online slot games or any other online casino games, the most important thing they look for is how safe they are to play. With the advanced technology we have today, most online casinos with high reputation use RNGs. The RNGs are algorithms that online casinos use that operate on a non-cyclic basis. That is to say that every single result is fully random and follows no patterns or cycles over time.

Online crypto casinos use a different concept than the RNG that is even safer for the players. This is an algorithm used to provide fairness of the online games, where players can verify everything that occurred during an online game and is called provably fair.

On top of these, licensed online casinos utilize a secure sockets layer (SSL). The SSL enables the players to establish an encrypted link between the server and their account. These and many more safety precautions that online casinos use, allow the players to fully enjoy the online experience of playing their favourite games.

You Can Claim Bonuses and Promotions

Almost every USA online casino uses the concept of giving players bonuses and other types of promotions. The same goes for online slots. Players can get free spins, bonuses and promotions for the online slots.

Free spins grant players the right to have a turn to spin on the slot without putting in any real money for the spin. This is how online casinos attract new players to the online slots and also reward the regulars. Players can win any number of free spins depending on the status of the online casino.

There are other common types of rewards online casinos offer other than free spins. Other standard promotions at casino sites that can be used to play slots include:

  • Welcome offers
  • Reload bonuses
  • Cashbacks
  • VIP programs