Why Block Play Is A Great Educational Game For Kids And Adults

Why Block Play Is A Great Educational Game For Kids And Adults

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In this digital age where children are glued to their screens, and attention spans are getting shorter, toy blocks save the world. No one can deny the negative impact of technology on how children behave these days, and it seems like their phones, tablets, or computers have become the go-to tools of parents so that they can take on other important activities, like work and chores.

Sure, technology has given adults a little leeway in parenting their children, but at a considerable cost. Fortunately, it’s great that people are slowly waking up to this problem and returning to basics. Proof of this is the toy building set sales in 2021 that reached USD$2.71 billion.

Lego, a Danish company, came from the Danish words leg godt, which mean play well. It’s an excellent representation of the philosophy behind the brand’s great objective, that kids are given a chance to play well using blocks. Today, many kids and adults are getting their hands on amazing Lego collections, including these Lego technic trucks.

The fantastic collection features the classic Ford Mustang Shelby, the Formula E Porsche 99 X, and the Ferrari 488 that many kids and adults will swoon over. These amazing race cars will have front and back suspensions, opening doors, an engine with moving pistons, and a functioning steering wheel once completed. Building these incredible race car models will be the fantasy of every race car enthusiast.

Instead of relying on digital devices for play, many specialists suggest that parents use traditional block play. Here are some of the reasons why this is great for both kids and adults:

1. Supports Social-Emotional Development

Playing blocks with other kids or siblings enhances their social skills and allows them to conduct themselves in such a way that they can get along with others. When building something, they can communicate their strategies with their playmates, which improves their sense of teamwork. Also, if something doesn’t work out right, they can make alterations that improve their patience.

2. Improves Communication Skills

Smaller kids, like toddlers in their early stages of development, can benefit from block play since it could enhance how they communicate with others and improve how they convey their feelings. They could also discover new words and become proficient with the alphabet, especially if the blocks have letters on them.

3. Teaches Math And Science

Blocks are represented by numbers, as well as shapes and sizes. This is crucial in teaching kids the fundamentals of math, and, eventually, they could transition to the more difficult stages, like fractions, with ease.

Furthermore, using blocks can help kids sharpen their observation, comparison, and guessing skills, which are all crucial in experimentation. Additionally, they can learn the fundamentals of physics when they see how gravity and balance affect how blocks are built in an unreliable way. Block play may also teach kids cause and effect, an essential skill in performing science experiments they may use when they’re a bit older.

4. Develops Critical Thinking Skills

Blocks are an excellent medium for teaching critical thinking skills to kids. Critical thinking is the ability to form opinions and ideas based on evaluated and analyzed information. This is developed through intentional activities, like block play.

Here are some critical thinking skills kids can develop from playing blocks:

  • Identification – Kids can learn to identify the reasons as to why their blocks collapse.
  • Research – With cause and effect, kids can learn how to build a better tower from blocks through trial and error.
  • Inference – Kids can conclude what strategy works best for building something.
  • Curiosity – Sure, kids ask a lot of questions. But, with block play, they can learn to ask the best questions to find the most optimal solution for the task.

These critical thinking skills also apply to adults who work with blocks. The difference is that they can use these in more complicated situations and settings, like in their jobs.

5. Enhances Self-Expression

With blocks, the options are endless. Kids and adults can be as creative as they want, and create something out of their passion. You’d be surprised about what they can make out of blocks. One of the most amazing creations ever made was the 3,662-piece grand piano designed by Singaporean Chee Woon Tze.

6. Satisfies Their Desire

Adults play with blocks too, and, often, adults want to complete the complicated ones. This satisfies their desire to accomplish something challenging. Additionally, if the blocks are from a limited collection that they wanted to complete for the longest time, it gives them a sense of triumph.


Blocks are more than just pieces of plastic or wood that kids and adults build to pass the time. Playing with these toys teaches kids without realizing they’re learning something. In time, you’ll realize that your child is sharper and more intuitive. Buying these toys for them is much better than relying on gadgets that expose them to many negative things.