Why Are Old Simple Games Still Popular Today?

Why Are Old Simple Games Still Popular Today?

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We humans are not the type of creatures that enjoy monotony and doing nothing. We thrive on excitement and doing something else besides fulfilling our basic biological needs. This hard evidence lies in the fact that people are very curious beings. If our ancestors were not curious to go to other places and hunt other kinds of prey, we would still be living on trees.

Games were also very popular and integral parts of older societies. Sports were the main type of games that people played and were very important, like the Olympic games for example. Other types of games were simple card games or other kinds where you could gamble. With the invention of computers, many new genres of games appeared that led to the revolution of entertainment. Even though games have come quite a long way, we still like the older ones. Find out here why that might be and why we will always be coming back to them.

Old games are simple

Back in the day, games did not have many rules and many mechanics to them. They got straight to the point very easily and anyone could learn them in seconds. But, in order to truly master the old classic games, you had to play and practice a lot. Like classic card games, for example, the rules are always very simple but in order to play skillfully, you need experience.

That does not mean that today’s modern games do not require a lot of skill and practice. They do, even more skill and practice and knowledge you need to master any of the newly released games compared to solitaire. One of the reasons why some people would preferably play older games is just that. You do not need to grind for hours just to get some action and enjoyment. You could quickly learn something, play it, and have fun instantly.

Old games are more fun to play with friends

The online gaming genre has exploded over the last decade with many people getting into them. Someone would say that is proof that people are being more social because they always play with other people. For example, many people like playing a MOBA or a battle royale type of game because you can always play some co-ops with one or more friends. But is that more fun than playing older games with your friends?

The excitement you get from playing a game in the same room with your buddies is much better than through discord for example. It is way more hype when you play on the same console, with split screens, or have a LAN party. Those types of parties are always way more fun than just sitting alone and playing something with other random people. Nothing can beat the good old nights of competing in Guitar Hero or in a fighting game with your friends. The games are simple and you can enjoy other things besides being glued to your screen alone.

Boomer shooter phenomena

You might not have heard about this term but surely you know what it means. A boomer shooter is an old type of shooter game back in the nineties where the graphics were simple and your only objective was to shoot. There was no extensive lore to the game, your character was just a tough dude who went around and shot at everything in sight. You had a few different kinds of weapons, different difficulties, and that is it basically.

Games have evolved since then to having very sharp graphics and many more mechanics added to the game. They were made to make it more and more realistic so you could be drawn into the whole world. But, the trend is actually going back to the boomer shooter style. Take Doom, for example, one of the most popular games of that genre. The reason why this game is still very popular, be it the older versions, or the new releases, is because they stick to the point. You just shoot the enemies as a tough dude and have some fun doing so, nothing more.

Many more arguments can be made to the reasons why simple games are always going to be popular. Many people are becoming tired of the complexity of newer games and just want some simple ways of having fun. Not only that but the social aspect of games is also fading with newer trends.

Many companies see this and are actually making these wishes come true. Not only with boomer shooters but also with other games. There are just some things that we can and should rediscover from the past if we actually want to go forward.