What We Know About the Apex Legends “Urban Assault” Collection Event: New Cosmetics, Skins…

What We Know About the Apex Legends “Urban Assault” Collection Event: New Cosmetics, Skins…

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For Apex Legends, Season 20 has been a festivity. All season long, Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale hero-shooter game has been receiving back-to-back events. The “Urban Assault” collection event in Apex Legends might be the greatest to hit the game thus far.

Apex Legends Season 20 has made up more than was necessary for the terrible Season 19 experience. Since its introduction, new events have been added to it. But Shadow Society, the previous event, was a major disappointment. Urban Assault, like Season 20 as a whole, is trying to redeem itself for the setback. This could be a breakthrough that Apex is looking for to go atop the battle royale realm and squeeze PUBG: Battlegrounds down the Steam rankings of most played games for this genre. Currently, the difference between these two is more than 50k players in favor of the former (159,924 vs. 103,793 at the moment of writing the post); the all-time peak works much more in favor of PUBG (a bit over 3.2 million vs. more than 620k). No wonder eSports betting fans from all over the world are increasingly choosing to wager on PUBG on the best PUBG betting sites in 2024, ranked for UX suitability by Bookmaker-Expert.com. However, Apex can build on the stats from March, showing that it was one of the top 20 highest-earning video games in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy across all genres (in 18th place), which means, among other things, that best PUBG betting sites in 2024 aren’t bringing enough revenue.

On April 23, Urban Assault arrived in Apex Legends. Apex Rumble, a brand-new game mode, is one of its features. Additionally, the beloved Three Strikes mode is returning. We’ll go over every addition that Urban Assault has made to the game. Ultimately, Octane will receive his Prestige Skin, The Riptide, from the event.

Event LTMs for the Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection

The next Urban Assault collection event in Apex began on April 23 and will last for two weeks, ending on May 7. Three Strikes, the beloved Limited Time Mode (LTM), will be returning for this event. To maintain the game mode’s sense of novelty and excitement, a few new changes are being made. The halfway-through-the-season patch details contain a thorough description of these adjustments, and players can anticipate using them directly.

These modifications are:

  • Revive time is now only 2.0 seconds.
  • After reviving, players have 0% shields and 100% health.
  • The new lowest-guaranteed loot system guarantees that your loadout and inventories are competitive when you respawn.

Due to its ability to allow you to be as violent as you want without suffering severe consequences, Three Strikes is a highly favored game mode. A player is immune to damage after being knocked down. A player can only be removed when every member of their squad is eliminated as well. A team receives one strike once they are eliminated. Then, the team as a whole is instantly regenerated. As the game mode puts it, this occurs three times, hence Three Strikes. You return bearing all of your weapons, armor, attachments, and loot.

Apex Rumble (Still in Beta)

Players can test their talents in a competitive mode called the Apex Rumble beta. Because the tournament protocol is asynchronous, participants can sign up at any moment. Performance metrics including kills, placement, damage, and assists are used to determine point rewards.

In the Urban Assault Rumble, individual skill is prioritized above pre-assembled teams in Three Strikes matches. Apex will include a Solo Mode for the first time in many years. Legend Tokens can be used to reset scores and rejoin the battle if players are unhappy with their points (finally, Legend Tokens are becoming more useful!). Pay attention to the commencement dates, which are expected to be revealed on Apex Legends’ social media accounts.

Items for Apex Legends Urban Assault

There are 24 new items in Urban Assault that you can gather. You may obtain the Apex Riptide Prestige skin for Octane by collecting all the items. Among these 24 goods are holographic sprays, gun skins, and legend skins. We’ll be discussing a few of our top picks from the event.

All of the Legends skins have great looks and are modeled after streetwear. There are additional embellishments on each skin that are drawn from the legend.

Such skins are:


The Loba skin is an amazing update to the Loba character model, showcasing a novel haircut never before seen.

In addition, the skin has a number of remarkable traits that further enhance its allure. The placement of pistol carriers on Loba’s thighs, a distinctive and eye-catching addition, is one of the most noticeable modifications. To further set Loba’s character model apart, the skin also has a first-person model wearing striking red gloves.


The Wraith character’s most recent skin in the event is a gorgeous depiction of a modern ninja.

The skin’s baseball cap and vivid red cropped jacket perfectly depict Wraith’s sporty and vivacious personality. To further enhance the skin’s overall beauty, the design also includes two elegant blades on Wraith’s back that match perfectly her ninja persona.


The R-99 rifle has an amazing appearance because it was intended to complement the Loba skin.

Inspired by the streamlined forms and vibrant hues of a high-performing race car, the mix of black and red on the skin gives a striking and commanding impression. Upon closer inspection, it’s nearly impossible not to notice the gun shooting bullets forward at breakneck speed, trailing flames behind it. All things considered, the R-99 and Loba skin combination is ideal and will make any player distinguish themselves on the battlefield.


Valkyrie can be seen wearing a distinctive streetwear style that combines elements of contemporary fashion with classic Samurai design.

All of the protagonists wear masks, but Valkyrie distinguishes herself because of her Oni mask, which not only highlights her Japanese ancestry but also lends a sense of mystery. She also stands out from the remainder of Legends thanks to her headband, which is reminiscent of a samurai. Valkyrie’s attire is incredibly detailed, perfectly capturing her aggressive and daring spirit.

Octane Prestige: Apex Riptide

One of the finest Prestige skins ever introduced to the game is the Apex Riptide.

The skin was inspired by Octane’s passion for sharks. The various shark elements that accent each tier of the skin make it appear fantastic. Octane receives a hammerhead shark helmet at the top tier. One of the greatest finishes ever included with a Prestige skin is also included with this one. The finisher brings out the high-adrenaline characteristics of Octane. Lastly, there’s a diving trail on Riptide. Octane gets two cute sharks that dive beside him on the dive trail.


As a companion item with the Valkyrie skin, the Alternator skin is an amazing addition to the game.

The skin has a striking appearance due to the eye-catching font that displays Valkyrie’s name. The skin has a flame-inspired style that gives the impression that it is on fire and gives the game a more intense feel.


Urban Assault promises to be a fantastic gathering occasion.

It has incredible skins and accessories. Furthermore, Urban Assault is adding an entirely novel structure to the game—something the Apex has long been in need of. Since Three Strikes is among the greatest that Apex has ever released, its return is also greatly anticipated.