What Made Hearthstone so Popular?

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These days, digital card games have gradually started to gain popularity, and all of them, in one way or another, opposed the main digital CCI of our time – the annually updated Magic: The Gathering series. That Magic has dealt with a huge number of all sorts of rivals over twenty years, so despite its ideological awesomeness, few would now remember a CCI like Spectromancer, from two MTG co-developers, or the innovative card game Mythoria, with fights on a round seven-seat table. But, as Street Fighter games often sound, “A challenger appears!”

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The undivided power of MTG bored many developers of digital KKI, but only Blizzard Entertainment found the strength to open a confrontation with the giant. A new contender for the title of the developer of “the best computer card game” is the company which only made World of Warcraft and some other projects. By the way, Hearthstone takes place in Azeroth, the very world that has become home to fans of the Warcraft universe.

The plot in Hearthstone is almost absent – so, there is a certain tavern in Azeroth, where tournaments between “card masters” take place. The tavern is currently open by special invitation only, but by the end of the year, Blizzard promises to open the beta testing of its game to all comers.

Hearthstone plays in the same league as MTG, but the game from Blizzard doesn’t try to emulate Magic. The new project is designed for fast and dynamic online duels. Yes, the metagame is simpler here than in MTG, but it is necessary to understand that for its format Hearthstone turns out to be a perfect game. There is exactly the right number of tactics and mechanics here – without any unnecessary complications.

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Hearthstone is a dueling game. Before any battle, the player chooses one of nine characters. Each of them is one of the legendary warriors of the Warcraft universe: Thrall, Malfurion, Jaina, Garrosh, and other stars. Needless to say, each character has a different class, which determines the strongholds of the strategy. Some heroes, like the warrior, paladin, and hunter, impose aggressive play from the start of the fight. These classes are best suited for the aggro style – such a game involves decisive and brutal actions, and the opponent at the beginning of the match usually has nothing to respond to, so victory is achieved by low-level creatures and cheap attacking spells.

Each class has unique skills, spells, and creatures. There are ten card categories in total: individual cards for the druid, hunter, mage, paladin, priest, brigand, shaman, blacksmith, and warrior. The tenth type is “neutral”, such creatures and magic can be added to your deck by anyone. The deck size is always limited to thirty cards and can be collected from “class” and general, neutral spells. We recommend that you don’t put too much pressure on general magic and creatures.

At first, the player only has basic decks, their contents are picked up by the computer. The standardized set of cards is universal, but it does not allow you to customize the style of play and does not take into account the necessary tournament nuances. That’s why right after the exciting tutorial, during which you have to kill Illidan himself, you need to start slowly building your deck. It is different for each class.

The game with a basic set and personally selected cards are very different. Of course, winning with a deck of personally selected cards is fun. Any Hearthstone player who wants to beat their opponent at least once should add a new word to their vocabulary: “synergy”. It works quite simply in Hearthstone: creatures and magic have additional properties that increase the effectiveness of other cards. That is, the card improves not itself, but the adjacent or all the objects on the virtual table. Synergy creates a cumulative effect of spells, improves the attack and defense properties of creatures, the army becomes more effective, and the general is more lethal. To achieve these effects, you need to pick your deck carefully and remember to make sure that as many creatures on the table interact with each other as possible. Almost like The Beatles, whose members were good individually (like McCartney’s solo albums) but combined to create some of the best songs in history.