What is RTP and How is It Used in Gaming?

What is RTP and How is It Used in Gaming?

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Casino games have specific features and considering them is important to create realistic expectations about the game. There are important determinants such as payouts, volatility, structure, winning payouts, the frequency of average winning, and others. One of them is RTP which is the same as Return to Player. This is one of the main indicators when people choose slots. It determines the percentage of the money which will be returned as a prize, after the gaming. So, as high the percentage of RTP will be, it is more likely to select the game.

If you are a beginner in gambling, you definitely need to know the importance of the amount of Return to Player. In this article, we will explain everything connected to this and also introduce some of the popular games which are outstanding because of the highest RTP levels. So, for a better and more profitable gaming experience, we recommend not missing any detail down below!

Top Games with Highest RTP

There are many games with high RTP levels. Our personal recommendation will be to not select the game which has lower than 96% RTP. But if it is a progressive jackpot slot with diverse bonus features, that can be considered too. One of the best games to play with the highest RTP is 1429 Uncharted Seas. That is the game from Thunderkick with the 98.5% RTP level. This is quite an interesting slot with 2D animations and 25 paylines. Even though the game is not newly released, it still remains to be popular because of free spins and high payout winnings.

Another slot you can try because of the highest RTP is Money Cart from Relax Gaming. Here the RTP is 98%. This is a more adventurous game with culprits and western aesthetics. Also, this slot has another great spin-off to try called Money Cart 2 which RTP is also 98%. Both slots have great bonus features including free spins and special symbols.

Another amazing slot to try is Joker’s Luck from Skywind Gaming. This slot has a maximum winning payout by x500 of the placed bet and the RTP equals 97.61%. Here you can enjoy free spins, high payouts, and amazing bonus rounds. Also, you will enjoy very colorful aesthetics.

If you want to experience more high RTP slots with amazing bonuses, we suggesting to play at Coinplay, as this casino offers a huge game portfolio with enormous winning possibilities.

Why Does RTP Matter to you?

The Return to Player level is an important factor for both the game and the player. More specifically, games with higher RTP rates are more profitable for gamers as they will be able to win more money in the long run. Additionally, having an acceptable minimum level of 96% ensures that casinos provide fair gameplay and protect their customers from being taken advantage of by making sure there is enough incentive for them to play games at their establishment.

Accordingly, A low Return to Player percentage can be incredibly demotivating for gamers, as it reduces their chances of winning. Low RTP percentages also reduce gaming profitability, as players may not be willing to invest money into games with such a low chance of success. This could lead to fewer people playing the game. Additionally, if a game has too many losses due to its low RTP percentage then this could cause players to feel discouraged.

On the other hand, a high RTP level can be incredibly beneficial for gamers looking to have a better gambling experience, win more, and increase their chances of success. A high RTP means that the house edge is lower, which gives players more control over their play and increases their chance of winning. Additionally, with a higher RTP rate comes to an increased probability that jackpots will be hit at some point during gameplay – increasing the likelihood of bigger wins as well as smaller ones.

Finally, having fewer losses due to a higher return rate on investments made into games like slots or video poker machines allows players to enjoy longer gaming sessions without being too worried about running out of funds quickly. All in all, having access to games with good Return Player rates is essential for any gambler looking for an enjoyable experience while still trying to maximize potential profits from playing online casino games!

When a game provider releases a new game, they must decide the level of Return to Player that players will experience. This is determined by taking into account various factors such as the cost of developing and maintaining the game, how much money it can generate for them in terms of revenue and profits, as well as what kind of player engagement they are aiming for. As the gambling industry is fast growing, giving high RTP games in the portfolio is not a difficult task for providers and casinos. So, make sure to always play games with the best features and high RTP levels.