What Games Can I Play On My Laptop?

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Want to get into gaming, but all you have is a laptop? Want to be able to game while you’re going out, at work/school, or on the plane? Solve all these problems and more by getting informed on the best games to play on the laptop!

How to Best Game on Your Laptop!

Laptops are a modern-day miracle. They allow you to take all your work, assignments, and passions with you wherever you go! However, the tradeoff for that convenience is a fair bit of processing power. What are gamers to do? Don’t all the good games require the latest $1,000 graphics card? Worry not, the best games in the world are still within your reach!

Card Games

If your computer is capable of running any game, chances are it’s a card game. We’re not talking about the solitaire computer game you used to play as a kid (although that is still a solid option for some quick fun). Modern-day online card games are insanely popular and perfect for lone players to stretch their strategic and creative muscles in short bursts of fun! Stand-out titles include Hearthstone, Yugioh Duel Links, Shadowverse, Artifact, Magic, and Legends of Runeterra.


League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Smite are some of the most popular competitive games around. Any of the above would make the perfect choice for competitive gamers looking to hone their skills and win their way to the top! The entirety of these games takes place on one relatively small, optimized map. The map combined with the stylistic character designs allows very complex games to run well on some of the lowest-performing modern machines.


We’d be remiss not to mention the most popular game ever made! Minecraft doesn’t even take half a gigabyte of space and has managed to make the simplest of pixel art iconic and charming to millions all over the globe! Low commitment allows for quick playing sessions while on break for other things, while the surprising depth and freedom of the game can easily immerse you for days on end if you let it! Alone or with friends, it’s the most versatile game on the market.

That’s Just the Beginning!

We’re in the golden age for gamers. The market is flooded with way more games than a hundred people could ever hope to complete in their lifetimes. Even if you don’t have a $5,000 gaming monstrosity, you’ll be able to have an incredible gaming experience. Start by downloading a gaming platform like Steam or the Epic game store, and check out indie games of your preferred genres. Platformers, strategy games, puzzles, and RPGs each make a good starting point if you aren’t sure.

Press Start to Continue

Don’t worry, game developers aren’t leaving you behind. One of the biggest video games of last year was Among Us, a game you could practically run on a calculator! The fact is, as more and more game developers expand to include mobile players who enable javascript on Ipad and other devices. Browser games never got out of style, and a laptop should be more than capable of running most of them. Nothing is stopping you, so get your game on!