What Does the Future Hold for Sports Betting in America?

What Does the Future Hold for Sports Betting in America?

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Following in the footsteps of Europe and Asia, the USA now has its own thriving sports betting marketplace built by a mixture of established industry names and eager young start-ups eager to grab a slice of the market share.

The arrival of sports betting apps and websites on American soil has helped to change the way sports fans in the country interact with their favorite teams, but what does the future hold?

Second screen experiences

A clear game-changer for sports betting brands in America has been the introduction into the marketplace of the smartphone. Operators have quickly unlocked the opportunities that a handheld smart device presents to their sector and found ways to connect sports fans to the latest betting markets more quickly than ever.

This sits perfectly with the rising trend of second-screen experiences that are being delivered to viewers of sport and entertainment on their TV. The trend reflects the desire of many to be able to supplement the visuals in front of them with an interactive experience on their smartphone or tablet.

For sports betting brands, this means offering the latest statistics, odds and updates while fans watch the live action in their main screen. Many operators will increasingly seek to position themselves as being more than just betting destinations, and instead offer content that will enhance the viewing experience.

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Irresistible welcome offers

One way that sports betting brands have succeeded in building their presence in the American marketplace has been through offering attractive welcome bonuses to new players. The deals available include money back on your first bet or a cash boost from the platform when you make your first deposit.

Such is the power of the offer in the betting industry that websites have been launched to help customers compare the best in the marketplace at any given time. For example, this Unibet review discusses the perks available to new players and allows visitors to compare what’s on offer with other platforms.

It’s extremely likely that betting brands will continue to offer exciting bonuses to new players in order to gain an edge on their competitors. The online gambling marketplace is certainly one where it pays to be a newbie, although several brands also offer rewards to loyal customers.

Putting knowledge to work

The increasing capabilities of browsers, app functionality and more powerful hardware has enabled sports betting brands to present live odds that change as a sporting event unfolds. Often you will see odds shrink or expand depending on what’s happening on the field.

This has helped inspire a broader range of betting markets than ever before. Far beyond the days of simply being able to pick a winner, players can now bet on practically any statistical aspect of a competition.

This means it truly pays to do your research and develop your knowledge as part of the betting experience. Of course, luck plays a key part in whether or not your bet is successful, but by honing in on a particular aspect of the sport, such as the number of fumbles in a football game, or the number of three-pointers in an NBA clash, you can truly test your analytical capabilities.

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The sports betting scene in America has grown incredibly during the last ten years and trends like second-screen experiences, welcome offers and data-driven betting seem likely to ensure that this expansion will continue in the years to come.