What Are the Most Reliable Payment Methods in Online Casinos?

What Are the Most Reliable Payment Methods in Online Casinos?

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Online casinos have far too many advantages over land-based venues, and we’re not just talking about the games. They are easier to use, cheaper, and offer various bonuses and promotions that will put extra money in your pockets. A reputable Online Casino such as Red Dog will also come with a range of trustworthy payment methods you can use to fund your account and collect your winnings.

While many players disregard the importance of having reliable payment methods on offer, we believe it’s a key factor when looking for a new casino. When you play for real money online, you need to join a reliable casino with trustworthy payment methods. After all, you won’t be buying chips from a dealer you can trust. Online payments are quite different, and due to scams, it’s best to choose a reputable banking option.

What Kinds of Payment Methods Can I Use?

Red Dog Casino, for example, has partnered with nothing but the most trustworthy payment providers on the market. The list includes a nice combination of banking options. You can fund your account with everything from bank transfers to e-wallets and even Bitcoin if you’re into cryptocurrencies. Below you’ll see an overview of each that will hopefully let you decide easier what to use.

Bank Transfer

The oldest and, according to many players, the most secure way to fund your account in online casinos. However, it’s also the slowest considering the notorious safety and security check-ups and transfers of banks. The good news is that you can deposit large sums of money via bank transfer, even if you have to wait for the money for a bit. Alternatively, making deposits with Skrill service is another method that you can explore to deposit money from your bank account.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are the next best thing. They offer top-level transaction protection while being much faster than bank transfers. Of course, there’s an upper limit to how much money you can spend, either set by the issuing provider or the casino. That can be both a blessing and a curse. It prevents gambling addiction for many players but isn’t very suitable for newcomers. Most casinos these days accept Mastercard and Visa. Nearly 100% of all players have one or the other. In some casinos, you’ll also find Amex on the accepted list.


E-wallets are the payment method of a new era. Introduced to the market over a decade ago, they offer blazing-fast transactions that are perfectly safe and secure. The most commonly used e-wallets nowadays are Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill. A big advantage of all these options is the fact that they don’t require a bank account. You can fund them in many different ways and use those funds to play games in your favorite online casino. Withdrawals are fast on e-wallets too, but will usually require you to verify your account first.


Cryptocurrencies are the new kid on the block. They offer speed that no other payment method can match, although many will wonder about their legitimacy. Even if they’re not legal in a country or region, players can easily enjoy the wonders of cryptos such as Bitcoin by playing in offshore casinos. You can use Bitcoin to instantly fund your account and get your money quickly for insensible fees, which is something that many players seek.

What’s the Best Payment Method?

We can’t tell you what the most reliable payment method in casinos is. What works for you may not work for others, but in general, players use e-wallets most frequently. There’s a growing crypto community among casino fans, too, so you might want to keep an eye on Bitcoin in the future as an alternative.