Ways of Getting Real Money with Dota 2

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Dota 2 gaming and betting can’t be viewed as a career path. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be practiced as a profitable hobby. At https://dota2betz.com/, you can wager on your favorite teams, players, and match results to make a profit. Well, there are some other ways of earning real money at Dota 2.

Organize Dota 2 Competition

By organizing gaming competitions, you can make a good profit. Of course, you will earn money upon an excellent performance. Also, you’ll need to get approval from the steam moderators if you want your ticket to appear in the Dota 2 store. By the end of the day, you may earn real money by imposing an entry fee or selling tickets in the Dota 2 store.

Make a Profit from Dota 2 Workshop

You can create cosmetic products yourself if you have design skills in 3D software. You will then introduce those officially in your live streaming sessions. Once your products are open for sale, you’ll start making money. The profit from each purchase will automatically be sent to your bank account.

Sell Dota 2 Cosmetic Products

Some Dota 2 gamers don’t have a bank card or eWallet, but they still want to upgrade their heroes with new skins and cosmetic products. If you own some Dota 2 cosmetic products that you are not going to use, you can sell them to the gamers with real money. The price for each item totally depends on your personal estimation.

Wager on Dota 2 Pro Matches

You can bet on various Dota 2 betting platforms. If you become a winner, you will get new products as rewards. If you lose, you will have to give your products to the winner. Although you can do your best to get to the winning streak, you can never have a 100% guarantee for this to happen. This is why it is highly recommended to place a bet only if you are familiar with Dota 2 pro episodes, knowing all these things going on there.

Take Part in Dota 2 Events

If you have a well-skilled team, then you should start taking part in Dota 2 Pro and Premium events where the size of rewards often reach 6 digits. However, you can only get to that point if you and your counterparts demonstrate a good performance in one gaming session or in the entire series of games.

Create Custom Games for Dota 2

Valve integrated some cash-making features into Dota 2 platforms. Now, custom game developers can use a pass system. As soon as people buy a pass, they automatically receive additional perks in that particular custom game. Similar to League of Legends, you will have to buy the heroes with the advanced skills and knowledge.

Custom Games Passes offered by Valve developers will be produced in a limited amount. They will mainly be distributed to a small amount of high-quality games that have already set up their positions in the community. Buying a pass helps the developers of the custom game as well as provides you with an extra feature for that game. All custom games happen to be available without any extra charges.

Join Live Streaming Dota 2 Gameplay

If you have reached a high level of expertise in Dota, you can share your knowledge and skills with others. Thus, you can live stream your gaming experience on Twitch TV or other live streaming resources. If your content is successful, you will start receiving donations from thankful Dota 2 fans.

Cast in Dota 2 Competitions

You can earn real money by arranging and winning Dota 2 events. Well, you can also make a profit by casting these kinds of events. Event organizers often look for Dota 2 players and Dota 2 fans to review the in-game events to their viewers so they are aware of what’s happening in-game. As a result, pro events offer good money to commentators and reviewers.