Warzone Strategy Guide: Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

Warzone Strategy Guide: Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

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Warzone is a comparatively new game, which is why beginners may find it quite complicated. You will need a lot of practice to figure out the best weapons or landing spots that can give you an upper edge in the game.

Apart from understanding the game’s tactics, there are additional tips and tricks which will help beginners make their way to the game. If you think you will require an extra push, there are numerous best Warzone cheats available out there.

For now, this guide is here with some top Warzone strategies for beginners. Make sure to scroll till the end if you want to be undefeated in the gaming field. Let’s begin-

Ping as much as you can

The ping helps you identify locations, loot, and enemy positions. This system is quite similar to Apex Legend’sLegend’s Respawn system. It is a really helpful system as it allows you to stay connected with your teammates and coordinate easily.

When you want to alert your teammate about an enemy position, you have to double-tap the ping button. It will instantly let the other member know about the enemy and react quickly.

Take money to win the game

Try to make money as fast as you can to get the loadout dropdown at the earliest. When you first land at the game, you should loot as much and as quickly as possible to gather the loadout.

Having the loadout will give you enough support to move ahead and get some kills.

Land at a safe spot

For beginner’s landing at a safe spot is vital. The map will help you find a spot that is not heavily crowded with other players. Landing in a less populated and infamous spot gives you ample time to gather your loot and ammunition.

Use vehicles to the fullest

Vehicles are a great option to get around the place faster and loot bigger. To buy a UAV, you will need more money; a vehicle can help you get money faster and get the UAV you want.

If you see your enemies coming to your vehicle, tell your partner to keep driving, and you jump out of the car. This will divert the enemy’s attention, and you can get some easy loot. Ensure that when you jump out, the enemies don’t see you. Building walls or high grounds are safer places to get out of the vehicle.

Learn gatekeeping

Gatekeeping literally means you are inside a particular area and defending people outside who are trying to get in. you need to go to the edge of the circle quickly and take a power position to stop the enemies from getting into the final circle.

Learning gatekeeping is essential for every player. Hence, try to learn it whenever possible. It’s one of the great ways to get you a win!

Death is not the end

In Warzone, your game does not end with your death. It offers you a second chance, but you have to earn it. Your death will put you in the Gulag, another battlefield. Here you will have to fight another inmate and win to get back to the game.

Be greedy

Warzone has another gameplay mode called Plunder. The plunder mode is all about hard cold cash. You need to be super quick to loot and take out your enemies to steal the money.

Whoever gets the most cash at the end is declared the winner. After this, you will directly be landed in hotspots where you can get more money. Therefore, being greedy in the Plunder mode is good for your game.

Health and armor

Warzone has no medkits or bandages. It has an automatic health regeneration system. When you get wounded, you will have to wait for a few seconds to get back to your health.

There is an armor system as well, which helps you survive in the game. When the game begins, you will have two armor plates and a hundred health. To bring your health up, you can use up to three armor plates.


Above mentioned are a few best tips and tricks for Warzone beginners. These tips are not that complicated and are easy to strategize. Make sure you practise enough before directly jumping into the battleground and communicate with your squadmates to get closer to the win.

For further information, leave a comment below. Visit this space regularly for such awesome gaming tips and ideas.