Virgo The Game

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Virgo The Game by AJ Studio is a space game that you have never seen before. Draw star patterns and destroy asteroids!


Inspired by the fantastic and beautiful star patterns of constellations, Virgo The Game provides a unique deep space experience as well as an innovative game play by combining puzzle and action. Casual and simple at first, it requires advanced strategic and good control to be able to beat later stages and higher difficulty levels. You must figure out the pattern quickly, and complete it in a timely and well-planned manner to get high ratings which are required to unlock characters that can be used in multiplayer game.

Need to clear up your mind and enjoy some simple action, or experience some highly challenging and intensive game play, or compete with friends and strangers to show off your characters and skills? Pick up this game and have a fun 5 minutes in any time and mood!

The iOS Version has better graphic and effects and a PvP mode.


Virgo The Game is the kind of puzzle game that we all have done it in the past. It is essentially a connect the dots game. The catch is that you can't re-use the lines.

The space theme is seemingly perfect for the game, visually. It is pleasing enough to the eyes. The gameplay out starts with a simple tutorial. If you miss it, you might wish that you didn't.

So far so good...

However, the game quickly turns to difficult. I have had quite a few tries to even solve the second puzzle. Personally, I would expect the first few levels to contain only a few dots to connect to give players more time to familiarize with the game. Therefore, I hope the developer would consider a few simpler levels in the beginning on the update! :)

Overall, if your are into puzzles and connecting dots, feel free to give this a try. It is someting that will definitely get your brain going.

Virgo The Game