Useful tips you should know to play World of Warcraft

Useful tips you should know to play World of Warcraft

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Hello there, fellow gamers, hope you’re having a wonderful time. Today, the most amazing WoW carry service out there – Leprestore have prepared for you a list of useful tips to make your experience in our beloved online game – World of Warcraft a much, much better one. So without further ado – let’s dig in.

All about the Campaign and leveling up

Tip number one: do the campaigns.
Shadowlads has brought a lot of things to World of Warcraft. Legendaries made their grand comeback, which made a lot of people happy, but the biggest thing of all, that became a mark of the expansion – Covenants. Gothic vampires Venthyrs, ascended and holy Kyrians, buttlehungry Necrolords and peaceful Night Faes – all of them just as different as they sound, and so are their storylines.

Each Covenant storyline is called campaign and they reward you with some nice starting gear, if you’ve just started playing the game and it’s your first character. What they also give you is renown: special points that mark just how strong your loyalty to your covenant is. As you get more and more of them you’ll unlock new traits for your mediums – another thing that will empower your character – and occasional nice or useful stuff: such as covenant themed mounts, transmog, etc. And you need a lot of renown. 80 points total, to be exact, in order to unlock your character’s potential.

That brings us to tip number two: do the side quests.

How’s that relative? Simple: many side quest open world quests once you’ve reached level 60. And world quest is the easiest way to farm renown which, again, is important when it comes to your character’s power potential, be it PvE or PvP content. It is also worth mentioning that side quests will make your first way to level 60 so much faster, since they can be done just alongside with Campaign quests.

Tip number three: get yourself goblin gliders. A lot of them.
Until you get to the sweet moment of rising into the skies on your own – those items will be your best friends and you will find yourself coming back to them more than once, that’s a guarantee. Gliders will allow you to cover a lot of distance, given a high enough place to jump off. And without flying unlocked this is, by far, the easiest and the fastest way to move around.

Tip number four: unlock flying as soon as possible.
Although gliders are your besties, nothing beats the feeling of being able to go from wherever you are to wherever you need without looking for a high spot of which you can glide off. There’s no way to say just how much of a quality of life ability to fly is. You want to get it ASAP. Period. Faster traveling, easier time navigating the world, skipping tons of pointless fights as you do – that’s the immediate use of flying. The list of all you need for flying is as follows:

  • Full Covenant campaign
  • Renown level 44 at least
  • 4 full chapters of Chains of Domination campaign

As a reward for the last quest of the fourth chapter you will be given a special item called Memory of the sunless skies that will unlock the flying account-wide. Nice, is it not? In fact, it’s a much, much faster process of unlocking flying than it was in the past with all the reputation grind and exploration stuff. Thanks, Blizz!

Equipment level up and ilvl rise

Tip number three: do not discard good equipment.
And the reason for that tip is that you, most likely, can upgrade it. Another nice thing that was given to the players in Shadowlands is the ability to upgrade their equipment. It mostly goes down to “powerleveling” the gear you got from dungeons. But that’s not as useless as it might sound. For example, to upgrade the gear from dungeons you need a special currency that you can acquire by, well, completing dungeons. It is called Valor and the most efficient way to get some – is to do mythic keystones dungeons.

Tip number four: if you’re farming valor – run low level keys.
The trick is that the amount of the Valor you get is the same across the board. That’s right: no matter what keystone level you have 24 or 4 – you will get the same amount of points for the dungeon completion. And that means that the most efficient way to farm Valor – is to simply spam low keylevel dungeons and get your gear nice and leveled in no time.

Tip number five: just buy the equipment if you’re behind on ilvl.
This one is not as obvious as it sounds and won’t get you to the highest heights. And will only be useful to newcomers and those, who returned to the game after a really long break. So the idea is to have some anima on your hands and have Zereth Mortis unlocked. Once you’re there – find and NPC called Hadja, provisioner of Enlightened. From this vendor you can buy all of the gear you might need. The level of each piece will be 226, not too high, all things considered, but it is something that might help you in a new zone.

WoW booster services

Tip number six: let the preconceptions go.
As controversial as this one sounds, this one might be the best one for you. Why? Simply due to the fact that games are a timesink in and of themself. They often put a lot of pressure on you as a player to grind, farm, wait in ques for hours or get from one end of the world to another just to say “hello” to some long forgotten NPC and get a wooden effigy as a part of the quest. And then go all the way back. And guess what? All of that takes time. A lot of it. Not everyone has a lot of it to spare and fight pugs for the right – or even just the opportunity – to get or finish the dungeon. That’s insane. You can run dungeons for hours on end and get nothing of what you need and at the end of the hard work day all that you will be left with – is disappointment and frustration.

This is where World of Warcraft boosting service Leprestore enters the fight for your fun. You need to grind the rep? Boom – done while you’re at work. Stuck with stupid pugs in dungeons or dummies in PvP? Shazam – get yourself a pro team that will carry you through any dungeon or rating you need, ask them questions, see how things are meant to be done. Maybe you need to gear real fast? Say no more – there are traders waiting for you in the raid group as well as the dungeon one. And all of that for the lowest prices on the highest quality services.

“Cheating!” you might say. “Pay to win!”. And that’s what the whole tip is about. By getting a better gear you will not become a better player instantly. It’s just not how it works. What will help you to become a better player – is a tutor. And guess what? WoW carry service Leprestore got you covered as they provide M+ coaching service that will help you on your way to become the MDI star.


Tip number seven: have fun. Always.
The previous one might’ve been the “best one” but this – is the most important one of all. World of Warcraft is a game. Games are meant to bring joy, they’re meant to be enjoyable and meant to let you have your fun. So go ahead and have it. Play the way you want to play, take part in the content you like the most and remember: no matter what you do, there’s always a way to make it fun.