Upcoming Games Collection

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This is reserved for upcoming games that caught our attention. This is for the kind of games that stop me from doing my work to watch the trailer over and over again trying to get as much information as I can!

This article will be updated as we find more games that tickle our curiousity! Recommend us games that you think it should belong in this list by commenting on this article! Released games will be removed periodically to give way to upcoming games.

Infectonator: Survivors

by Toge Productions
Imagine The Walking Dead meets X-Com meets FTL. A randomly generated action packed strategy game. Infectonators series have entertained us since the first installment of the series. Infectonators: Survivors had me at “X-Com”!

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Plasma Puncher

Website: Plasma Puncher
Plasma Puncher is an action brawler set in a single continuous stage with all kinds of different enemies and a bunch of upgrades and power-ups to get as you strive to survive until you complete the final objective of the game.


by Set Snail
Illi looks awefully cute. I never thought that I would be interested in the life of a slug… or was that a worm? Regardless, Illi looks graphically promising. Something that I will looking forward to!

Raiders Quest

by Alkemis Games
From the trailer, Raiders Quest looks beautiful and expansive. It looks like a game that might rival Heroes Charge HD.


by Psylocibe Games
Pigsodus is a unique side-scrolling, story-driven RPG where you play a pig trying to avoid traps, bacon-loving people, and freezing in the great outdoors.

Dark Train

by Paperash
Dark Train is a story-driven adventures with dark oppressive atmosphere. The visual art processing is based on our own handmade papercut formula.

Lost Socks

by Nerf-Game
Who would ever thought that a lost sock can be a machine gun wielding hero! The graphics, effects and actions are top notch in this game. We are definitely looking forward to this!

12 Is Better Than 6

by Ink Stains Games
Dynamic Top-Down Shooter with stealth elements, made in a Western theme. The game is drawn by hand with pen and paper to create an unique visual experience.

Warcher Defenders

by Ogre Pixel
Warcher Defenders is an upcoming game that we have been following quite closely. What excites us:

  • Retro-pixel art graphic
  • Tower Defense + Shooting game concept
  • Various monsters and magic power
  • Multiple playable heroes, though Heroes RPG progression aspect is still not revealed yet