Unlucky In Love: How to Get Rid of Problems and Become Happy

Unlucky In Love: How to Get Rid of Problems and Become Happy

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Bad luck in love can manifest itself in different ways. Someone can’t meet a woman for a long time; someone finds a soulmate but can’t build a harmonious relationship and achieve mutual understanding because of which everything ends with a breakup, and sometimes even stable and happy marriages that have existed for ten years give a crack. Each is unhappy in their own way but the reasons are similar, which means there is a universal way that will help solve any problem.

1. Lower requirements

You pay attention only to a tall chick, with a pretty face and a slim body. You too often stare at models, actresses, celebrities on the Internet, or TV. Most girls don’t have parameters 90-60-90, but they don’t become less attractive from this. And you should also look at yourself in the mirror! And now evaluate the size of the biceps, the thickness of the wallet, the prospects of a career, character traits, and so on. Are you perfect? So, before you start looking for new people, soberly look at yourself.

2. Don’t be afraid of love

Many of us have already experienced first love. Previous relationships didn’t add confidence in yourself but only exacerbated the situation. A breakup, suffering, lies, betrayals – the negative sides that instilled fear in love again. Some didn’t even try to associate themselves with a serious relationship with anyone. They are content with short-term affairs and casual sex. Now you can’t get acquainted in order to have a serious relationship and find love. This is banal cowardice. But are you a man?

3. Understand your goal

Now you should think about the goal you are pursuing if you need a relationship. Here it is important to be honest with yourself and not engage in self-deception. Of course, most people claim that they want a family and be with a partner until death, however, if you look deeper into yourself, it may turn out that this is not entirely true, and in fact, it was just a romantic adventure, and not something else. And don’t be afraid of your desires: the accumulation of experience and pleasure are also worthy goals. After thinking about this, you can come to a very interesting conclusion that you suffer in vain after a breakup: what if you already got everything you planned from this situation unconsciously?

4. Analyze failures

So, your goal is truly strong relationships. In this situation, the most important thing is to sit down and analyze the mistakes made during previous affairs. And there are a lot of options, the output of which is purely individual. We can list options endlessly. To have more chances for “salvation” from the vicious circle of mistakes, it’s worth analyzing not only your love stories but also the relationships of your parents because we all get the experience of family life from them. And remember that if you can’t overcome it (and even with the help of friends and an ex with whom you had a normal relationship), there is nothing shameful in turning to a psychologist for help. On the contrary, it will be a logical and true step.

5. Increase your self-worth

At the heart of the desire for inharmonious relationships, there is also low self-esteem. It usually develops in children who have been criticized too much. As a result, women and men are convinced that they themselves are not worthy of love. Well, as you know, if we don’t know how to appreciate ourselves, then it will be all the more impossible for others to do this. That is why people with low self-esteem usually attract only those who try to assert themselves. So, you should try to treat yourself better.