Unbelievable Reasons Why You May Be Banned from Your Betting Site

Unbelievable Reasons Why You May Be Banned from Your Betting Site

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Have you ever had a betting account limited or closed? Hopefully, you will never be kicked out of a sportsbook while betting online. However, if you spend a lot of time on betting forums, you know that this can happen. Usually, users understand why they have been banned, but they may be unaware of why the site chose to use the ban hammer. The most typical causes for punters being kicked out of betting sites are listed below. It’s simple to avoid being banned: don’t do those things.

Joining a Site That You Aren’t Allowed to Visit

You should probably avoid betting on sports online if you are under the age of eighteen. Lying about your age can get you kicked out of a sportsbook because you weren’t supposed to be there, to begin with. On the other hand, gamblers lie about their location significantly more than they lie about their age. You may come across a betting site that appears to provide excellent odds, features, bet types, markets, and bonuses, and you would love to join if you weren’t in a prohibited country.

Having Several Accounts

Check the site’s policies regarding numerous accounts before joining a sportsbook like Judi slot online terbaik, for example. Multiple account bans aren’t strictly universal, but they’re widespread. Many gamblers make the mistake of interpreting the principle too literally. If a site claims it doesn’t accept multiple accounts, you might conclude that it simply means you can’t have more than one account. In reality, if you read the rules carefully, you’ll see that they probably indicate that you can’t have more than one account for a single home. Is that reasonable? Not in the least. It shouldn’t be your concern whether a family member, roommate, tenant, or other third party is gambling on the same site as you are, and vice versa. If you are found out, the sportsbook can impose a ban on both of you, even if you are not cheating or abusing promotions or site features in any manner.


Arbing isn’t uniformly regarded as a “bad” thing by bookmakers. Some sites actively encourage it, yet many others expressly ban it. Is it still possible to arb on these sites? Sure, for a time, provided you’re careful. The length of time you can get away with it depends on several factors. You might be able to arb for a long time before being discovered in some circumstances. In some cases, you may be caught even if it is your first infraction.

It’s heartbreaking to realize you’ve made an honest mistake and are no longer permitted to wager at your favorite sportsbook. Thankfully, this is unlikely to happen if you study the rules and follow them to the letter, especially if you go out of your way to show the site that you are a devoted and essential customer. If the worst happens, you might be able to get the ban lifted. If not, you might join a different sportsbook, such as Judi slot online terbaik or another one.