Ultimate Guide To FIFA 2021

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Even with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the nation, EA Sports still introduced a new FIFA game, FIFA 2021. It’s a great new game with a lot of exciting features such as varied attacking, player-controlled creative runs and various types of goals scored (such as net-busting headers). The FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is popularly referred to as FUT by millions of users in the world.

It’s the same as ever but there are crucial changes that have brought the biggest game mode from EA sports alive. First, training and fitness items have been removed. It might sound like a minor change but it will make a huge difference. Secondly, co-operative mode has been added to the game making it easier to tackle Division Rivals and Squad Battles with friends simultaneously. Buy Fifa 2021 here and enjoy the game.

Well, the main focus is increasing the coins and creating a magnificent team. However, if you want to pull this off effectively, here is the best guide to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Finish Your Division Rivals Placements

In FIFA 21, the new and exciting feature is the placement matches in the Division Rivals. It was introduced to help players to find the right skill rating and division. If you are starting out, you need to get a large amount of coins to finish the 5 simple placement matches.

As you rank higher, you will get more coins. However, you are going to climb through the divisions faster if you finish the placement matches below your natural level. You can also enjoy the coin bonuses for reaching promotion thresholds. Finish those placement matches and get as many coins as possible.

How To Build A Great FUT Team

When starting a FUT cycle, you will have less coins. As such, you need to avoid the popular leagues such as the German Bundesliga or the English Premier League. Keep in mind that in these popular games, even the mediocre players are always overpriced.

The best places to start would be Italian Serie A. Here, you can enjoy the cheap beasts so you can focus on buying the best attacking players as you start out. Check their stats thoroughly such as the shooting and speeding stats. Don’t forget to check their weak foot and skill moves.

A 4* for one or both of these stats is good. Don’t go for those with 2*. Once you have a good FUT team, you can start building your dream team from these attackers. Remember, once you have a great team, you should stick with it for a while. Don’t rush into dropping them for new ones very fast.

Of course, at first, the players might not be enticing enough. However, if they look great at this stage, they definitely have good practice. Avoid buying and selling players repeatedly. Remember, every time you sell something in the game, you will lose 5% tax. Eventually, it will reduce your overall number of coins. Once you know the type of players you like and have found the best ones to buy, you can start making your move.

The Best Chemistry Styles In FIFA 21

If you are looking to make a huge difference to your players’ in-game performance, you should apply the best Chemistry style items to your team. For instance, the ‘Finisher’ Chem Style boosts shooting stats by 10 while some individual stats can go as high as 15. If you add that to any card, especially Gabriel Jesus, some of the stats would max out.

Try out sites like Futbin where you can get a preview of the in-game impact of various Chem Styles. Keep in mind that Centre Backs and Central Defensive Midfielders always benefit from Shadow. It bumps up the speed and other defending attributes.

Attackers love Hunter which often increases speed and shooting. However, the fastest attackers don’t really need the boost in their speed. Here, you can try out Finisher, Deadeye or any other Chem Style that improves the shooting or any other skill such as dribbling or passing.

How To Make FUT Coins Faster

Currently, there’s a cottage industry whose main focus is making coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Therefore, if you want to remain updated with the latest information, you need to look for any YouTubers you love or a FUT trader Patreon and start paying attention to what they are saying.

Of course, there are some basic ways to make money that every player can try out effortlessly. For instance, meta players are affordable on Mondays after the Weekend League ends. Also, they are expensive on Friday and Saturday as players are building their Weekend League teams. Take advantage of this information to buy cheaply and sell expensively.

Another useful piece of information you should learn is the Squad Building Challenges. Every day at 6pm UK time, FIFA 21 Ultimate Team introduces new SBCs. Each one of these requires specific types of players and different rating levels to complete. As such, the prices of any players who match the criteria immediately shoot up.

Be on the lookout for the new SBCs and the requirements. Also, check your team for any players who match the criteria and check whether their price has gone up. If that happens, it’s time to sell. If you have any players rated 84 and above, you need to hang on to them and sell when the premium SBCs are live. In late November, icon SBCs where launched and they need multiple squads full of players rated 84 and above so the prices will definitely go up.

Good Luck And Enjoy Your Game

You need to get started on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and enjoy it. You don’t necessarily have to grind Division Rivals, Objectives, Weekend League or Squad battles at all times. Pick the things you want to do and enjoy it. Remember, it’s a long cycle and you are likely going to burn out very fast. Good luck creating a great time and have a great time with the game!