Troll Face Quest USA 2

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Troll Face Quest and his funny friends are heading back to America! They just can't seem to get enough of trolling their way across the USA. So tag along with them as they prank everyone they encounter during their journey from sea to shining sea. This

time they'll be going after famous movie stars, popular characters from your favorite TV shows, and a few powerful politicians. Will you be able to troll President Trump during an epic hamburger eating contest? It's time to find out in this sequel to Troll Face Quest: USA Adventure.

Features of Freedom:

  • The craziest and most hilarious puzzles that you'll ever find online or offline!
  • Test your knowledge of famous Americans and trending topics, but can you troll the trolls?
  • Challenge the political establishment face to face, or maybe even Troll Face to Troll Face!
  • Dive into weird and bizarre situations before you strain your brain to get out of them!
  • Enjoy our revamped and super wacky graphics. They'll make you laugh, cry, or both!
  • Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi needed!
  • Earn achievements and climb up the brand new leaderboard. Let the world know who’s the Prankster in Chief!

The ultimate point and click adventure game is here, and its wild jokes will make you laugh for hours!

Join Troll Face as he blasts from coast to coast while trolling superstars, artists, athletes, and even politicians! This isn't fake news, Troll Face Quest: USA Adventure 2 really is here! Hurry up and play it now. This funny and puzzle-filled game might just make America great again!

Troll Face Quest USA 2

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