Tricks and Hacks to Do Well in Block Champ

Tricks and Hacks to Do Well in Block Champ

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The Block Champ is a brain game that requires your extra brain. It is not going to be that easy as you level up. At times it tends to get quite tricky. So, here we are to give you suggestions which we call ‘trick’ or ‘hack’ about this game. As you start to follow these amazing tricks, chances are high that you will shine in them.

So, let’s not wait anymore and learn about the tricks.

There are points to keep in mind if you aim to do well in this game.
For example:

1. Being patient:

Okay, this might sound too simple but trust me it isn’t while playing a brain game. Chances are higher that you will feel like giving up anytime.

This game is not just about cleaning the lines faster. To get a high score you have to make a plan and see where the three pieces would lead to best.

It is better if you target the difficult block first. Try to utilize the most difficult one to the position. While you do this, it will feel like taking a long time. But. The result is amazing as your choice will help you in the long run to make a high score. Having patience in this game is wining like a tortoise.

2. Not panicking of the crowded board:

By nature, many of us love to see the board as clean as possible. We don’t like to see our boards crowded in fear of losing. However, lots of players have found that clearing board is not key to success. Instead, if you let your board pile up a bit and put the concentration in filling the free spots as soon as they appear, it will help you in gaining a giant score.

It helps you in focusing on multiple rows at the same time instead of one or two. Also, you would get a lot more free space other than a number of incomplete rows.

3. Being Flexible:

We understand it is quite alluring to clear one set of rows and columns. Mostly that won’t lead you to a higher gain. Instead, you may look for ways to clean horizontally or vertically. In that way, it’s more fun to mix and clear the lines. If you become stiff with one set of rows or columns, then it will not gain you much point. So, being flexible is the key.

4. Clearing the corner:

Often players tend to place pieces at the center of the board. This is not as fruitful as it seems. Rather if you try another way, placing the pieces in a corner, will help you to collect rapid points. Moreover, by playing this method you are actually implementing the groundwork. It’s more like facing the hard part from the beginning, as a result, it will only get easier in the end.

5. Not rushing:

The urge to clear all at once is nothing new. We all have been there. But let’s try doing the alternative. Let’s not simply rush. You may think of focusing on a single line at a time. For this always target the large lines. It will attain more scores than you expect. Maybe multiple lines are more like a bonus rather than a need.

6. Building Vertical or Horizontal lines

Most players think they are limited to only horizontal lines. It takes quite a bit of time for them to realize that they also build vertical lines. In this way, you can play or perhaps score differently.

7. Delaying for the perfect piece

This trick is not the best one yet can be an alternative to your daily mundane play tricks. It is simply loading the board with pieces and delaying for the ideal one. This method can remove multiple rows at a time.

However, this tends to crowd the board and at a point, you won’t be able to place large pieces.

Final thoughts:

Having all the tactics in your pocket still, you might run out of luck. Even if you don’t get that far you should not get disheartened by one bad game. The recommendations here are at your full assist, keep them in mind while playing. Eventually, no one can stop you from getting a great score!

Did you know that Block Champ has 6000 free fantastic levels of creating complexity? With such a game you are hooked up for hours. Not just that, several different modes are giving you options to play having different conditions.

Without a doubt, Block champ is very much intriguing and enjoyable.