Top Picks For Online Casino Games

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Thanks to the advancement of internet technology, gambling enthusiasts can now enjoy the convenience of casinos anywhere and at any time, at their fingertips. The emergence of online casinos has brought the most popular land-based casino games to the internet. Best gambling sites like cover a list of the most entertaining and lucrative games for players.

Players can opt to play casually for fun or ambitiously for the grand prize. You can check here to get details on casino review. Online casinos have a wide array of games to cater to everyone. Some games, however, are more popular than others. Those popular games had a huge player base on most online casinos, and that can only mean one thing: lucrative prizes. Here are 5 top picks for online casino games you should know about.


Blackjack is a relatively easy card game with one the highest odds for players. In most online casinos, the odds for Blackjack players sit around 49% overall, with a house edge of around 1%. Considered one of the simplest games to play, Blackjack is highly friendly for newbies, hence the popularity. The goal is to get as close as possible to 21.

Blackjack can be a multiplayer game or a single-player game that sees the player against the dealer. The only skill needed to win this game is clear judgment. Players only need to know when to draw another card or when to stop before busting out to win against the dealer.


Slot machines have always been the face of casinos, be it land-based or online, due to their massive popularity among players. New players often choose slots to test their luck; meanwhile, veteran players love to play it to pass time. Like in their offline counterparts, slots become a go-to casino game for every player because of the simplicity, ease of use, and addictive fun that makes you want more.

Slots cater to all players from any age, gender, and background because of the fact that they only need to let the machine roll in the hope of matching three icons to win the prize. However, some people still believe that slots are rigged against players, while in fact, it’s just a negative-expectation game with low odds.


Poker is inarguably the most popular casino game. When online casinos boom, the popularity is transferred smoothly. The result is the endless varieties of poker that keep coming in online casinos. One of the reasons underlying poker’s popularity is the fact that poker may give you higher odds to win than most casino games at some points.

The odds are excessively variable in this game depending on the opponents and the cards you have. Therefore, poker might not be suitable for newcomers or casual players because it takes not only luck but also a set of skills. You will never know if your opponents are pro players or casual players in an online casino, at least until the game rolls.


Baccarat is one of the most played casino card games, especially in French casinos. The popularity makes way into the online counterparts quite easily. One of the reasons why it is popular is the fact that it’s a game of pure luck that requires no skill.

A game of Baccarat involves a player and a banker. Aside from them, other players may get involved by placing bets for the player, banker, or a tie. Upon settling up the bets, a dealer will then deal a card (called a ‘hand’) for the player and the banker, respectively. The goal of the game is to get as close as possible to 9.


Roulette has many varieties; however, the basics of it remain the same. A roulette wheel has 37 or 38 numbers on it depending on the variety. Those numbers are either colored red or black; meanwhile, number 0 (and 00 in some varieties) is colored green.

A dealer will spin the wheel with a ball that will fall on one of the numbers as the spinning stops. It is easy to play and, surprisingly, offers high odds based on the type of betting you choose. The number of varieties of this game as well as the odds makes it one of the top picks in many online casinos.

Final Say

Remember that the more popular the games, the prizes are usually bigger. However, the competition might as well be tougher. Therefore, you need to keep your expectation and manage your bankroll efficiently in order to maximize your earnings in playing top picks for online casino games.