Top Guns IO

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GAME INFO: or Top Guns IO is a mobile battle royale where you shoot with a weapon like your life depends on being the last player alive. Winner takes all! You’ll love Top Gun IO if you already love other io and battle royale games.

Playable only on PC

Battle royale is a fun game mode where players fight to survive in a limited space and be the last man standing. Our battle royale games are especially fast and fun to play! Check it out this shooter battle royale!


  • Play online and offline
  • Battle against real players
  • Super easy controls
  • 2-minute battles
  • 10+ weapon types
  • 8+ unique heroes
  • Different game modes
  • Lots of maps with unique gameplay

Instruction to Play Top Guns IO:

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move and Spacebar to shoot. Your character will auto-target the closest enemy.

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Top Guns IO