Top Games that have Spawned Fun and Welcoming Online Communities

Top Games that have Spawned Fun and Welcoming Online Communities

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Of all of the entertainment mediums that boast devout fan bases for select products, none manage to achieve the kind of total immersion of gaming. Games can unite people in the common cause of beating a game, improving it, or just discussing different ways to go about playing. However, what greatly overshadows this potential is the prevalence of the termed toxic communities and distinctly unfriendly online players.

Still, this isn’t always the case, and several gaming communities have emerged online that embody what can be so rewarding about the greater modern gaming experience. Sometimes based around a collection of games, and sometimes around a single, long-running title, these are some of the most welcoming online gaming communities and the games at their core.

Immersing in historical conquest

While several war games, such as the first-person shooters, don’t have the most welcoming communities, the Total War series certainly does. Perhaps because it primarily deals with older historical ages of conquest, with some fantasy and sci-fi titles sprinkled in, but the Total War forums never fail to feature a helpful discussion about the strategies, campaigns, and real-history inspiration.

The series, from Creative Assembly, spans many key moments in history and the empires that partook in the struggle for dominance. They range from Feudalism in Japan to Rome, Napoleon, the ancient Greeks, the Three Kingdoms period of China, and more. So, if you ever struggle to amass enough cash on a Napoleon campaign or can’t find a way to a central prefecture on Shogun, you can turn to the forums.

Joining the online entertainment community

Most game communities center around one particular game or series as everyone in those communities is a fan of that specific type, be it an MMORPG, strategy, sports game, or the like. The community that’s been cultured at Buzz Bingo, however, spans several different types of online casino entertainment products. There are bingo rooms, tournaments, jackpots, and table games, but the most popular are the slots.

With the game selection being based around me-time, the players are far more welcoming and helpful than many types of gaming. This is how players on the platform learn what games are the best to play, particularly when it comes to the slots like Action Bank. One of the hundreds of games, it features free spins, scatters, and multipliers, but as it doesn’t have the most eye-catching title, some skip by it, even though it’s PCA Nominee. That’s where the community helps here.

Keeping one of the oldest groups going strong

Developed and published by Jagex, a beta of RuneScape launched online on January 4, 2001, kick-starting one of the longest-running, most dedicated gaming communities of the western market. That said, it wasn’t too long ago that it ranked as the largest MMORPG in the world. Since, it has been updated over and over again, even launching new versions and coming to mobile.

The age of game – given how rapidly tech has developed over the last 20 years – should see it left in the history books. However, thanks to the continued updates and the thriving community, RuneScape lives on as a friendly and fun experience. While the game does have its own beginner’s guide, you’ll find plenty of veteran players ready to prop up new players through community quests.

There are many great gaming communities out there, with people happy to come together, share information, and revel in the experience of being a part of an engaging fan base.