Top 5 Unknown Varieties of Online Casino Games Available For Gambling

Top 5 Unknown Varieties of Online Casino Games Available For Gambling

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Online casino games are the games played over the internet. They gained momentum with the advancement of the internet since mid the 90s, and currently, it is a multi-dollar industry. Online casinos give the players the pleasure of playing from the comfort of their homes with real experience of playing and rewarding just as in a land-based casino. There are three types of online casino games available that gamblers can enjoy playing from the comfort of their home. What is needed is a computer and the internet. Currently, with the advancement of technology, casino games are also available on mobile, tablets, and other electronic devices. Below are the types of online casino games;

Web-based casinos

These are websites based casinos such as ts911 where the player needs to log on to a particular site and get started to take part in the casino game. No need to download any software into a computer for you to take part in these casinos. The owner’s browser plug-ins symbolize the games, but there is a need for bandwidth to be able to enjoy the graphics, images, and sounds.

Download-based online casinos

These casinos require users to download the casino software into their computers to play casino games. The casino software can directly connect to the casino operator without browser support. The download-based casinos run faster than the web-based casinos, as all the animations and programs are in the software. The limitations of download-based casinos are that as the software is downloaded, it takes time for the download to complete and may also attract risks of malware and spyware. Therefore, installing anti-virus software into your computer can safeguard your computer from these risks to some extent.

Casino Game Resources

Some of the online casino game resources are as a result of this discussed below;


Online slot machines provide you with the same experience just as it is enjoyed in a real land-based casino. That is, as the number of drums starts spinning, you place a bet and pull the virtual lever, instead of the real one. The various configurations of images produce the prize payouts to the lucky winners as the drums come to rest with different pictures on them lining up. About 90% of the online casino games are under this category, which can be subdivided into the following groups.


This casino game is one of the classic table games that were first conceived in Europe. The objective of the game is based on drawing playing cards whose face value amounts to 21 with the royal cards being 10, and the Ace is 11 or 1.


It is often referred to as the King of Casino Games. This game is based on pure chance. Roulette contains a wheel with numbered slots on the inside ring in black or red. To play this game, the bet is placed on the number a player thinks will come up. Thereafter, the wheel is spun by the dealer, and a silver ball is dropped into the wheel that bounces and comes to a stop as the wheel slows down and this becomes the winning number.

Live-based casinos

Live-based casinos allow the players to have a real-time experience as if he/she is inside a brick and mortar casino. By the use of the real-time web windows such as ts911, the player can interact with other players and live dealers at the tables as if in a live casino.