Top 5 Puzzle Games

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For relaxation, you can enter one of the top live casino websites? But what if you want to stimulate your brain? In this case, these 5 puzzle games are the best solution.

Portal 2

This game from Valve was released 10 years ago, but still it has more and more new fans.

The action of the second part of the story unfolds in the abandoned research laboratory. The plot is still centered on Chell and the supercomputer GLaDOS.

The peculiarity of the game is the creation of portals, which allow you to perform a variety of tasks: move Chell and objects together with her, bypass enemies and overcome obstacles. The hardest part is getting out of the game into the real world and discovering that there are no portals in it.


This is an atmospheric and conceptual game by Jonathan Blow. The story is confusing, and that’s why it’s so interesting.

Braid is a Super Mario story turned inside out. The main character Tim also rescues a princess from a monster. He travels through mysterious worlds, finds metaphorical clues and in the end creates a nuclear bomb. You can control time in the game. Without this ability, you can’t make it to the finale.


This is a strange and sometimes even frightening game. It is the story of a boy who goes to a mysterious world searching for his sister. He has to face monsters and bypass cunning traps and reach the edge of hell to achieve his goal.

The game’s name is seen as a reference to the Catholic limbo. This is the place where the souls who did not go to heaven, hell, or purgatory are found. You have to die often in this game, but you can still make it to the finale.

The game has an open ending. Only the developers know how the story ends. And we just have to believe in the best.


It is not easy for a little robot that was thrown into the trash to improve his situation. But to rescue his friend, he will move heaven and earth for him.

The robot finds himself at the junkyard in a completely disassembled state. But he pulls himself together, gathers himself and runs to the town of Machinarium, where the Black Hat Gang is rampaging. And if you do everything right, Josef manages to rescue Berta from the clutches of the bandits.

It would seem that this is another quest where you have to look for hidden objects. But you can only interact with objects that are close to you. But there is an opportunity to increase and decrease the body of the robot, as well as to see how to pass the area. To do this, you have to play a scrolling shooter or take a hint.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This is the story of two brothers who go in search of the water of the Tree of Life. Its power must save their dying father.

As they travel the world in search of healing water, they encounter ogres, wolves, and creatures from nightmares, as well as helping good characters. It won’t be easy along the way, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons doesn’t end with a happy ending at all. It is one of those games you don’t forget.

Brothers work together to solve riddles and overcome obstacles. But you control them separately, and the non-playable characters react differently to the brothers. This gives rise to special game mechanics and makes solving puzzles non-obvious.