Top 5 Games to Gain Inspiration for Your Essay

Top 5 Games to Gain Inspiration for Your Essay

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These days, there is an abundance of video games with captivating storylines, immersive settings, and interesting issues that provide great inspiration for academic writing. Playing these games provides endless possibilities to generate ideas and insight for essays ranging from scrutinizing intricate characters to confronting moral quandaries and social challenges – we will cover five more recent titles here that may assist your efforts! We look at five such titles here.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2:

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players embark on an incredible open-world journey set in the American Wild West of the early 20th century. Players take on the role of Van der Linde gang outlaw Arthur Morgan, who must cross difficult terrain, resolve moral quandaries, and negotiate the nuances of a society that is always changing. The beautifully created world of Red Dead Redemption 2 provides an excellent backdrop for delving into topics like morality, loyalty, and chasing the American dream.

Essays on a wide range of subjects, including individual identity creation, the impact of social upheaval on people, and ethical concerns of player decisions and historical eras, might be inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. Students may learn a great deal about human nature and the Wild West mythology’s enduring allure by attentively examining storylines and character motives.

2. The Last of Us Part II:

Players will find themselves in an intense post-apocalyptic environment overrun by a fungal sickness that turns people into terrifying mutants when they enter The Last of Us Part II. In this gripping story of survival and retribution, players assume the character of Ellie, who must traverse tragedy, grief, and the never-ending pursuit of justice. Players are introduced to a morally nuanced story that raises issues regarding appropriate and inappropriate behavior as Ellie sets out on her quest for vengeance against those who have mistreated her. The Last of Us Part II is a magnificent piece of narrative art, deftly fusing brutality, forgiveness, and trauma themes with breathtaking graphics and gripping gameplay.

Essays influenced by The Last of Us Part II may address subjects including the ethics of violent video games, moral ambiguity in narrative, and strong female protagonists. Through delving into the story’s intricate details and probing its thematic depths, students get a more comprehensive comprehension of modern-day human existence and ethical decision-making under challenging circumstances. But in case you are already facing challenging circumstances check who can do my paper for me.

3. Disco Elysium:

Players of this distinctive game are sent to the fictional city of Revachol, which is well-known for its political intrigue, social unrest, and existential melancholy. In order to solve a murder case and face their own demons, players take on the role of an amnesic investigator. Players encounter deep philosophical concerns, existential dilemmas, and significant moments of self-discovery as they make their way through the maze-like streets and engage with the diverse cast of individuals. Rich characters, intriguing concepts, and creative gameplay mechanics combine in Disco Elysium, a wonderful piece of narrative storytelling that goes beyond PC and game consoles.

Disco Elysium offers a chance to delve into a range of scholarly subjects, from identity and existentialist theory to the relationship between psychology and storytelling. It offers lots of chances for scholarly research. Disco Elysium can be an inspiration for essays on various subjects, including existentialism, identity and self-discovery, and the nature of consciousness.

4. Outer Wilds:

Players will have an amazing trip with Outer Wilds, an immersive voyage across a beautiful solar system trapped in an endless time loop! Players must solve cosmic riddles and disclose the truth about a vanished alien culture as inexperienced space explorers with just their dependable spaceship and a voracious curiosity for information at their disposal. A captivating blend of cerebral difficulty and emotional resonance, this game’s complex story, mind-boggling puzzles, and captivating themes of curiosity, discovery, and existence are guaranteed to captivate players and keep them coming back for more!

Essays influenced by Outer Wilds may address issues like the philosophy of time, the meaning we find in an otherwise meaningless cosmos, and curiosity in relation to scientific advancement. By examining its mysterious story and existential depths in greater detail, students can learn priceless lessons about cosmic riddles and the pursuit of knowledge.

5. Spiritfarer:

In Spiritfarer, players take on the role of Stella, an eccentric ferry master tasked with guiding spirits safely to their final resting places, and embark on a charming journey through the afterlife. Within a beautifully rendered setting influenced by Scandinavian tradition, the game delicately and gracefully tackles themes of life, death, and the passage of time. Players encounter important issues about life itself and its purpose as they build and modify their boats, tend to spirit passengers and follow a complex storyline that offers moments of happiness, sorrow, and self-discovery.

Essays that are inspired by Spiritfarer can address a variety of subjects, such as death and dying, mortality depictions in video games, and the roles empathy plays in storytelling. By examining Spiritfarer’s emotional resonance and thematic depth, students can gain invaluable insights into understanding humanity’s condition overall and finding acceptance and understanding on their journey towards it.


These more recent games, from the rugged American West to a post-apocalyptic wasteland, offer a wealth of locations, characters, and topics that could assist your academic writing. Discover new insights, spark creativity, and collect essay topics by immersing yourself in these games. So turn on your computer or console, take some of these virtual excursions, and start brainstorming! In case you are also interested in Web Development, see if it can become a student’s side hustle!