Top 5 Gambling Video Games

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Video games are one of those things that can entertain people of all ages, all over the world, at all times. And it is not something new. Be it millennials or Gen-Z, we have all had our great memories with our favourite options. Long before the time of casinos and digital games, or other types of options on consoles and screens were some of the most entertaining things in anyone’s life. Over the years, there have been several waves of changes in the gaming world. More developers have come up with fantastic innovations in it – stories, dynamic animations, virtual reality and alternate reality have all become part of the games that we have grown up with. And with that has come up these sorts and online gambling on your computer.

So, if you want to experience your gaming glory days and enjoy gambling in them, the LeafletCasino team has tested many video games and prepared for you the 5 best video games that you should definitely try.

Super Mario 64

When we are thinking of the best type of playing time, it would be silly to not include Nintendo on the list. Something that started out as a console classic in the 1980s, Mario and all its associated versions have become fan favourites of all gamers. And if you have a knack for all things Nintendo, nothing can get you more excited than Super Mario. So if you find yourselves choosing an online gambling game that will be equally fun and exciting – Super Mario 64 is the one to choose! This special Nintendo DS actually features a tour of Luigi’s casino. Here, you get access to a wide range of table and casino video games that can be a welcome change for the general kinds that you find yourself reaching out for. From blackjack and roulette to slots that are all Mario themed. The best part of gambling on Super Mario 64 is the relatively risk-free nature. You do not run the risk of losing any real money, no matter how long you play for. There are no missions lined up that you need to complete and win the big numbers. Once you select the kind you want to play on your computer, you can start your bets and continue for as long as you need.

Witcher III: Wild Hunt

If you are someone whose interest is in fantasy role-playing video games, the Witcher series is perhaps one of your top choices. Being one of the most popular AAA games, the whole series of Witcher has been famous for including elaborate storylines, animations and fantastic developments. With Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt, it just goes one step ahead and attracts many betting traits. This is obviously a multiplayer casino game that involves completing missions against other players to get the best wins. One card game that comes in the way of the users is known as the Gwent, which uses spells and other cards that bring in the points. Gwent is played in three rounds and each round is completed when the opponent runs out of cards. Winning two rounds out of three makes you the winner and the wager amount is placed on this card game. It is indeed a platform to explore strategy and Gwent is often considered casino mini-games in the Witcher Universe.

Fallout: New Vegas

When you are looking for options with gambling opportunities, only a few options can be as entertaining as Fallout: New Vegas. There are over a dozen options all lined up in one grand casino layout. Fun twist to the game is that it is set in a post-apocalyptic Vegas which has the true feel of a run down casino. There are three main casinos that a player can play on – Tops, Ultra-Luxe and Gomorrah. From the classic options of Blackjack and Roulette to popular slot machines that users can find in most physical casinos. But without no deposit bonus codes and many other interesting bonuses that you could get in the best online casinos.

You put your wager and start playing any of the games you want to in one sitting. It keeps the real feel of online casino games and for sometime you might forget that you are in a video game and not in an actual online casino in some apocalyptic future

Grand Theft Auto

For most gamers, their induction to the world of gaming was through this super entertaining car chase game by the name of Grand Theft Auto or the GTA series – one of the highest rated types. Carl Johnson’s journey through the cities stealing cars and completing one mission to another is always a real nail-biting game. The GTA: San Andreas game has been a popular option for many online casinos and gambling realms. Putting in a wager of spending an amount to unlock a mission is what increases your chances of winning in the long run. Once you level up your game with every step, Johnson gets to “borrow” from the casino and continue on his quest through the city and of course, taking you further into it.

Final Fantasy VII

One of the first games that brought the world of Japanese fantasy games to mainstream games was the FF series. For gamblers, it is a mini-game that serves for an easy win within a game. Here, the game is played on a 3×3 grid and each card has four numbers. The target of this game is to get all the available cards together before your opponent. Yes! These types of casino table games are actually that simple and thus the gambling process becomes much easier. It’s called a Triple Triad that is a speciality one on online casinos, but this one is indeed one of the best games available to video game gamblers out there. Another such popular one is Final Fantasy VIII.


It does not matter if you are playing for the fun of it, to win the extra points for the next round/mission or just an easy betting session – these are the kinds of games that can be your place to be. There are other such options like the Red Dead Redemption Series – Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. Just like you would want to play for hours at a casino, online casinos have brought those things to your home, to your room. In this day and age, there is actually very little difference between the best gambling games from the comfort of your home like Las Vegas.

Once you have narrowed down the number of choices for your favourite and best video games, it only becomes a matter of time that you find yourself in a betting fantasy world. And when you have a chance to get a good win out of it, that is the cherry on the gaming cake!