Tolerance Worship Series by Madfal Studio is a game where you have to direct people to their correct place of worship.

There's 6 religious leader who have been friends since childhood. Their name are Yusuf, Arnold, Gerald, Dharti, Kovida and Li Wei. Currently they have built a house of worship. but many people about direction to their worship place. Then that 6 friend work together to help give direction people for pray.

"This game has got 2nd Winner from Ministry of Religion"

in Indonesia has 6 religion (Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism)

How to play

  • just tap an arrow to switch direction for people who move
  • tap wall to block or unblock direction

  • total 25 level (in Indonesia)
  • there is a special block like arrow, trampolin, warp, and wall
  • share score
  • quote about tolerance every clear game

Hope this game can spread tolerance to the world!!

Tolerance Worship Series is basically a game where you have to manage the traffic of worshippers to their correct place of worship.

Please note that this is a demo of the full game in the google play store. It contains only the first 5 levels.

Like many management game, Tolerance Worship Series starts out easy. All you need to do the in beginner's level is just to click on the arrow to toggle its direction to make sure that the people go to their corresponding place of worship. As you go along, you will be presented with more blocks' variation, different and more challenging map as well as a more rapid appearance of worshippers.

One issue regarding the control of this game is that despite the clicking and toggling of the arrows work, but it is very slow. When you are in a rush, toggling of the arrow just does not work as you tend to make mistakes. I would prefer a swiping function in order to change the direction of the arrows, especially on mobile.

Furthermore, a fast forward button is a must for this type of game to prevent the game becoming too slow and boring. Granted though that there are times I'd want the game to slow down, but this option shoudl be left for the players to decide.

Overall, Tolerance Worship Series is a traffic management game that has some room to improve to become a stronger contender in the competitive google play market. However, there is no denying that the true cause of the game needs more publicity.