Tips to improve at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Tips to improve at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Irrespective of whether you are a pro player of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer or a fresher to the game, there is so much that you can still do. The veteran should keep boosting their gaming skills more and more. If you wish to be a winner in the battleground, you should take a look at modern warfare cheats and enhance your skills.

After a lot of studies, here are a few tips and techniques that we have come up with.

● Shuffle your settings option

Players who have just started their journey can go for default settings as they are a great way to begin. But as you become accustomed to the game, make sure to explore the settings and get to know the options available. Do not be satisfied only with the default settings. Start with experimenting with different sensitivity settings, try various button layouts, and coordinate visual options according to your comfort level. It is important to try them all. Some want the sensitivity to be less, and some want it to be high. Thus, getting out of your comfort zone is really essential to find what suits you the best.

● Explore the modes of the game

There are some players who play without having any competitive thought in mind. Such gamers don’t prefer to explore the tiny aspects of the game. However, if you want to turn into a pro gamer, try to explore the campaign and Special Ops modes. Exploring these modes will let you learn the mechanism of the game.

● Go around with caution

It is very easy to die in Modern Warfare. Thus, you need to be cautious about your every move in Modern Warfare. This game focuses on the power of every soldier. Here, you will have to consider individual scenarios and take steps to win through firing lines.

● Discover your favorite guns

The old players of this game are already aware that Modern Warfare has a lot of guns. You can reap the benefits of the campaign by trying out different types of Modern Warfare guns before you choose to go into the killing spots of multiplayer. As you begin any mission, you will start with a predefined loadout. However, slowly you will learn that new weapons can be found on the map and in safe-houses. You can even get them in the bodies of captured enemies and fallen comrades.

● Unlock the loadouts

The default loadouts that you come across in the game are always good. In the beginning, they will come up with a good opportunity for the players to take steps forward and fight, but as you continue to go upwards, try to unlock the loadouts. You can even own your customized version of the loadout with more guns, gadgets, killstreaks. Select a wide range of other tools which will together form your personal kit. This kit will be mainly made keeping your preference in mind.

● Make doors your advantage

Sprinting into a door will make you kick it and open it. Although there will be a loud noise once you do that, it could even surprise you to a great extent. Opening a door when you aim the down sights will provide you with a tiny window to look through the door and have a grenade into the nearby areas. However, you will always have the choice of just camping a door or directly shooting through them.

● Communication is essential

If you wish to win the game of Call of Duty, practice proper communication skills. Ensure to transfer all the significant details to the team members. Also, listen to what your squad members have to say while playing the game. Clear and good communication can level up your game to a great extent.

● Opt for an alternate route

In this game, you should have other paths as a second option through the levels. Make sure to keep track of chances to mantle up.


One of the most crucial strategies that all players should follow is to keep practicing and enjoy the game as much as possible. Hopefully, this article helps you to enhance your gaming level. If you have any doubt, comment below. Also, stay tuned if you wish to know more.