Tips for Beginners in Escape From Tarkov

Tips for Beginners in Escape From Tarkov

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Are you looking for a shooter game with out-of-the-world graphics? Escape from Tarkov can be the one you have been looking for! Unlike most of the games, victory in Escape from Tarkov comes after a lot of hardships, especially if you are a beginner.

For beginners, this game is pretty unfriendly, and with no in-game tutorials, it becomes even tougher to win the game. This game does not hold your hand and gets very discouraging sometimes because you are just like, “how did I die?” But do not let anything spoil your fun.

If you are tired of playing raids and dying randomly or feeling like you are just never improving, we are here with some top tips and EFT hacks for beginners to help you improve your game skills. It is not as simple as just one thing heals all – it is way more than that, so keep reading on to know more.

1. Go for SCAV raids!

If fear of losing loot puts you off, running only Scav raids as a beginner is the only thing you should do. It is highly recommended for beginners to start their adventure of Escape from Tarkov by playing Scav raids in the beginning to get a better idea about the game. Not only will it help you to understand and handle your gears, but you can also avoid other players attacking you (until and unless you engage first!). All you have to do is run through the time and survive, and once you are able to do that, your arsenal and profit will both shoot up. Once you escape the Scav raids successfully, you get to keep the gears you collected in the round.

2. Have a map always with you!

If you are a beginner into the world of EFT and want to perform better than dying within the first minute of the game, you need to have access to the map whenever you want. It is easy to get lost in the world of Escape from Tarkov, so having a map with you will always come in handy. You can download a map of customs or have it on any other big screen – just make sure you have an image of the map you are playing on standby to navigate yourself in the rough world of Escape from Tarkov. There are hundreds of maps available and third-party apps that can help you learn call-outs, extraction points and discover different routes without purchasing a map in between the game.

3. Do not underestimate secure containers!

Escape from Tarkov – the name in itself tells a lot about the game, and to win any game – a good gear or weapon is a must. But what if you got killed or have a fear of loot. Do not worry – your secure containers will save your gears. Smartly using secure containers is a cool hack to safeguard all your precious weapons and can turn doomed raids into profitable ones. Depending on the level or the version you bought, the size of secure containers may differ, but you can easily upgrade it as the game progress.

4. Do not leave quests incomplete!

Though winning Escape from Tarkov can be quite daunting, the game has its own way of giving bonuses to help you out. If you want to upgrade yourself much faster – quests are something you should never ignore. You can unlock new items and build a good relationship with traders just by completing these quests. Yes, quest objectives might vary – some might be easy, some might be not, but they do provide some chonky experience points that you definitely do not want to lose if you want to survive the game. It will also unlock new trader loyalty levels with which you can purchase high-level gear easily. See how completing these quests are of paramount importance, so make sure you do not ignore one in the future.

5. Know your ammo types!

If you want to upgrade your weapons to a certain level, Ammos is the key to it. Though you can find heaps of videos and articles on understanding and learning the type of Ammos, one of the best ways to know is by inspecting every bullet type and magazine that falls into your lap during the entire game. Every weapon has its own Ammo, and once you know it, you will have a cool arsenal to fight off the toughest opponent.

6. Make the best out of the offline raids!

If you want to improve your skills and get to know the game better, offline raids on Escape from Tarkov are your savior. Whether you want to improve your aiming, gameplay, learn to find hideouts, or learn loot routes, the best bet is to find an offline raid to practice and improve your skills.

Yes, Escape from Tarkov has an amazing amount of depth and can get pretty tough for a newbie, but with these tips and the right strategy, you can improve your gaming skills to survive the harsh world of Escape from Tarkov.