Time Shooter 3 – SWAT

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Time Shooter 3 - SWAT lets you play as a SWAT operative. The terrorists stole SWAT gear and took hostages. You must destroy them and save the hostages.

The terrorists will use shields and wear body armor with helmets. Breach doors with a battering ram. Dodge bullets in slow motion and destroy enemies with shots from a pistol, machine gun, shotgun.

Playable on Desktop only!


  • unique gameplay
  • a variety of weapons
  • minimalistic graphics
  • interactive items
  • realistic physics of damage to enemies

Instruction to Play Time Shooter 3 - SWAT:

  • LMB - Pick up / Shoot
  • RMB - Throw
  • WASD - Movement
  • F - Pick up / throw shield

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Time Shooter 3 – SWAT