This Shit Life Demo

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Adventure Promoted Collection Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

This Shit Life Demo by Collective of Crab is a point and click adventure game about a half naked guy on his quest to quit his job.

Strong Language and Cartoon Violence

This is demo version of the upcoming game by Collective of Crab. Game is still in development and full version is coming sometime in 2016. If you like the demo, make sure to click follow!

Meet Bob. He just woke up from the bed and his goal for today is perfectly clear - to quit his job! Enough of hard work for little money! Enough of bullying from the boss! Let´s end this curse forever!... Or at least for some time... Till his money runs out and he ends up on the street like a hobo...

Anyway, today he is determined to find his boss and tell him he quits. He thought it will be an easy task, but without complications there would be no game, don´t you think? What´s wrong with the guards standing in front of the building? Could they be an obstacle in Bob´s quest?

You decide. Because you control Bob and you have to get inside! Welcome in this experimental adventure!


  • Arrows or WASD - movement
  • LMB - attack/another action
  • MOUSE WHEEL - change weapons (if you have more than one)
  • ESC - pause the game

Use mouse drag&drop to the items in the inventory. You can combine inventory items with glowing objects on the scene or with another taken items.

Despite being only a demo, This Shit Life shows what kind of game that it will turn out to be when it finally release in 2016.

Expect coarse and strong language in This Shit Life. The art-style is definitely different from other point and click adventure game that I have seen in the past. This does not mean a bad thing because it provides the game a unique look!

The game itself is quite intriguing. The first scene that you can play is for you to get the protagonist to go into the building. However, it is not easy as the police are guarding the office and will only let someone in if they have the employee card. You have to find a way to get into the building by exploring around. Pick up items, talk to the police and maybe a gunfight?

Once complain about the game is about the control. When you are talking/looking at a policeman, they can suddenly move away and before you know it, you are charged for assaulting a police officer, which, in this case, punishable by death. I would suggest that the police who are currently interact with the player should not move anywhere to prevent accidents.

Overall, this game looks like shaping up to be an interesting game. I am looking forward to the release of this game in 2016!

This Shit Life Demo