Things to Always Avoid at the Blackjack Tables

Things to Always Avoid at the Blackjack Tables

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Over the years, online gambling has become very popular with players worldwide, and you will find some amazing sites that feature all of your favorite games. At El Royale online casino, you can enjoy the thrills of slots and table and card games. If you are a fan of blackjack, you will appreciate the options presented at this casino. Before you engage in any real money blackjack play, here are some things to consider. Many players make beginner mistakes when playing online blackjack, so we cover some of the important things to avoid.

When playing blackjack games online, there are ways that you can turn the odds to be in your favor. By knowing basic blackjack strategies and some other tips, it is possible to lower the house edge and start earning more returns on the wagers that have been placed. To do that, players must have a solid understanding of the game and all game rules and should also be aware of things to avoid at the tabled. Here, we will discuss some of the top things you should never do when playing a blackjack game at El Royale Casino.

Playing Against the Dealer

Many players who are new to the game of real money blackjack at online casinos like El Royale will make a common mistake of not playing against the dealer. This is largely due to the misconception of the actual goal when playing a blackjack game online. Some new players believe the goal is to get a hand as close to 21 without going over. The actual object of this classic card game is to beat the dealer. While you do have to stay under 21, the focus when playing should be on beating the value of the dealer’s hand.

Every single decision made when playing blackjack should be made with consideration to the dealer’s hand. What makes the game challenging is that you will only know one card held by the dealer, so you have to use probabilities to estimate the dealer’s hand value when making decisions. It is important to remember that the dealer has restrictions on what actions can be taken. With most game variations, the dealer will only be able to hit until they get a hand value of 17.

Assuming the Dealer Holds a 10

One thing to never do at the blackjack table is to assume that the dealer has a card valued at 10. The chances of this happening are actually just 1 in 3, though most players will make this assumption and end up losing many hands. Players also commonly assume that any hit card for the dealer will also be a 10 card. It is less than likely that any hidden card or hit card will be a 10, so playing with this mindset often leads to numerous losses.

Taking Insurance

A number of new blackjack players believe that taking insurance is a good bet and will protect their wagers. It is a bad plan, no matter how the hand is going. An insurance bet is an additional amount that is paid when you do not hold a blackjack and the dealer has an Ace showing. Since so many players assume that the other dealer card is a 10, they often take the insurance bet. A successful insurance bet will save half of the original wager amount. However, as mentioned above, the chances of this happening are not as common as players think.

If you purchase insurance, the odds to win will be 2 to 1 should the dealer have a hidden 10 card. You will still lose the original wager on the hand. The result is breaking even if the dealer does have a blackjack. If the dealer does not have a blackjack, you lose the insurance bet and will then have to play the hand. The payback on insurance bets is not worth the risk and should be avoided at all times.

Not Using Surrender Opportunities

Playing a blackjack variation that offers the chance to surrender is a great way to minimize losses. This option will allow you to give up a hand after the initial cards are dealt. This can only be done if the dealer does not have a blackjack. When using surrender, you will lose half of the original bet instead of the full amount if you played out the hand. This option is best used when you have a low valued hand and have a pretty good idea that you will not beat the value of the dealer.

Surrendering is a great option when the dealer has a distinct advantage based on the first two cards that have been dealt. This option allows you to cut losses and will provide more chances to win as you continue playing future hands.

Not Using Doubling

Some new players will be hesitant to use the double option when playing for real money. They tend only to use this when they are sure it will work in their favor. Many players who are just getting started will not even consider doubling unless they have a 10 or 11 hand value. The problem with this is that the player is not considering the dealer’s hand. If the dealer has a card that would put them at a disadvantage, doubling can be beneficial.

Most blackjack strategy charts will offer cases where doubling with a 9 or even an 8 hand is suggested. By ignoring these opportunities, you can miss out on maximizing your payouts at the table.

To Sum it Up

By learning what to avoid when playing blackjack, you will be able to enjoy more hands at the table, minimize the amount lost, and capitalize on winning hands more often. While this game will take some time, patience, and practice to master, knowing what to avoid can greatly enhance gameplay and provide you with more chances to earn returns on your wagers.