These 10 Technology Trends Will Define The Next Decade

These 10 Technology Trends Will Define The Next Decade

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Over the past few years, one of the fastest-growing evolutions in today’s world is Technology. These improvements are seen to be of immense help to mankind all over the world be it in banking, IT, health sector, and many other fields.

Our expert here on this matter is a Canadian by the name Kevin Cochran. He is going to take us on a slow, steady, and intriguing ride to the current and future technology that will shape and define our way of life for the next ten (10) years to come.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
3. Cloud and Edge Computing
4. VR and AR
5. 5G
6. Cyber-security
7. Autonomous and unmanned Vehicles
8. Doorbell Camera Pro
9. Block-chain technology

Internet of Things (IoT)

This basically points to smart devices. It refers to a vast network of things (devices) connected to the Internet. These interconnected smart devices collect, transmit, and share data. In the coming years, they will be the fuel that drives home surveillance and security, automation, and AI in general.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is no new word to us, it has been around for some years and has in fact become part of our lives. It is the ability of machines to act intelligently by taking certain decisions and performing certain tasks based on instructions given.

One of the top technology trends in 2021 and years after will see great advancement in this field of science such as the arrival of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Cloud and Edge Computing

With the help of IoT, cloud and edge computing has come to stay and better us. These two forms of computing are often juxtaposed.

Cloud computing on one hand is the delivery of certain computing services like storage, databases, servers, and lots more over the “cloud” (Internet) and on the other hand, Edge computing deals with bringing these computing services to the edge, i.e closer to where it is needed like our smartphones and laptops.

This will definitely be a game-changer as data access, storage and analytics will be readily available to a vast number or individuals.

VR and AR

Virtual Reality (VR) is a complete immersion into the digital realm, shutting off the physical world. Augmented reality (AR) simply adds a digital feature or element to a live/physical environment with the aid of our smart phone cameras. Mixed reality (MR) is the direct application of the two realities.

Both AR and VR are known as Extended reality (ER). Being an addition to gambling technology, from the comfort of one’s home and a log onto best Canadian online casino bonuses, one can easily have a thrilling and more immersive digital experience of the gambling world.


The Fifth Generation mobile network technology is here. Yes! it is undoubtedly true that without a near lightning speed kind of Internet connectivity, most of the future technology(ies) will of course be useless. 5G brings about a faster Internet speed of about 10 Gigabytes per second and more stable network connectivity.

In Canada, January 2020, Roger communications expanded its 5G network to about 130 towns across the country, and before the end of the year; we believe this will cover the whole country. And with this as the bedrock, other tech trends will thrive better.


Lately, there have been a lot of malicious threats and attacks on individuals and businesses alike. These attacks are targeted at computers, servers, electronic devices, and data being owned by them.

In light of this growing menace, over the next decade, there will be a greater success at curbing and stopping these attacks by improving these devices’ defenses.

Autonomous and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

In the past, the military sector has greatly improved due to the fact that they were the major if not the only users of unmanned aerial vehicles. This technology is getting better and better as the years go by.

In recent times, aerial vehicles like drones are seen to be employed in the civil society for aerial photoshoots and lots more. But in decades to come, we will have not only drones but commercialized autonomous cars, taxis, and even trains.

Doorbell Camera

With the latest technology, there are more and more companies adopting for unmanned package delivery. Recently, there is an increase in frequency for package thieves. Luckily, for this matter, the technology for doorbell camera has also improved. Doorbell camera pro allows the owner to monitor the activity through an intuitive mobile app. So, regardless of where you are, you can monitor what is going on your porch, and especially with your packages.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain simply means digital pieces of information stored in public databases whereby any change made on one piece (block) affects the rest of the blocks. Therefore, with this unique way of storing, securing and authenticating information, the business sector will be revolutionized especially when it comes to the processing of certain transactions and analytics.

Concluding Words

2020 has been an eye-opening year to what the future may hold for us and these technology trends are the next big thing to happen to us. Hence, it is in our best interest to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology.