The Wonderful Power of Dance

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As a child, there are plenty of things to enjoy. For instance, kids have the freedom to play and dance while not having to worry about the issues that an adult faces. There may not be the option to play slots, and that is sad, as it is such an enjoyable pastime, but they will never forget the fun they had growing up. This applies to the slot players just as much as the children.

Dancing for Children

As childhood obesity is regularly in the news, dance is an ideal way to help them lose weight. Graceful movement may come with age and experience, but even a child as young as 6 can be expressive. Within schools, children can experience dance during the day, but also in after school clubs. Dance can help children develop in a number of ways. In some cases, it will be a national dance and can increase their sense of identity. Their creative side can be explored, and they can learn to be expressive around their peers as well as in front of an audience. This is before you take into account how it instils discipline and encourages collaboration.

Dance and Adult Wellbeing

Regardless of whether dance is carried out as a career or for enjoyment, adults still participate. Even dancers can be enthralled when watching a fellow performer. They can be transported to another realm and be lost in the enjoyment of the movements. It can be an exceptional outlet for people who struggle to share emotions verbally. Adults would not express themselves to a stranger in words in the way they can with a performance. Strangers would not discuss depression and how they are affected, but a dancer could do this onstage and forge a comforting bond with those watching.

Struggles will be shared, and the hurt can be seen – the hope being that viewers feeling low will gain strength and understanding. Dancers can also deal with their own low thoughts and put energy normally spent grieving into their performance. As the audience drifts away, they will take their own memory with them, and the dancer will prepare for the next night’s display.

Dance and romance

Long before online dating and hook-ups through an app, people actually went out and danced. They met up in clubs, and many romances started that way. It would be interesting to know how many couples nowadays have ever danced together in any way. How many younger people have never been to an old-fashioned dance or disco and lost themselves in the music? Starting with the song that gets everyone up on the dance floor through to the last slow dance of the night, moods can change and egos boosted or crushed. It all depends upon whether or not they were asked to dance or had their request to dance accepted.

Upon reflection

While it is clear that dance is beneficial to those involved and those viewing, it is hard to determine just how powerful it is. While some do not have the nerve to get involved, most do and can glean a great deal of pleasure and understanding from it.