The Top 10 MOBA’s to Play in 2022

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Since the kickstart of the MOBA genre years ago with Warcraft’s fan-made mod called DOTA, there has been tremendous interest and growth in the genre.

Today, there are so many MOBAs to choose from that you might not know where to put your time. We want to review all the good options available to you for 2022, with some of the choices being obvious and some a little less so.

Make sure you get to the end to see our number one pick for the year.

10. Arena of Valor

Formerly known as Strike of Kings, Arena of Valor is a MOBA for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Developed by TiMi Studio Group, this game will keep you entertained for hours. The controls are straightforward, but as with many MOBAs, there is much room for polishing your skills to dominate the arena.

You can expect some out-of-match customisation, which is nice to those who enjoy outfitting their heroes before a fight. You can also use a fan-favourite mechanic to auto-purchase equipment so that you don’t have to hang around the shop trying to figure out what to get next.

9. Pokémon Unity

Currently available on iOS and Nintendo Switch, this MOBA boasts some exciting battles for those who love Pokémon. The graphics make the game easily readable during intense fights. With community favourite choices such as Snorlax, Pikachu, Slowpoke, and Vulpix, you’ll always have exciting team compositions during your matches.

The game is easy to understand and play with room for improvement of in-match skills and out-of-match Pokémon upgrades. The team at MiMi Studio Group is also constantly working on polishing the balance of the game to make the experience better for everyone.

8. Vainglory

Developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp for iOS, Android, and PC, Vainglory brings a distinct feeling. Many others try to simply copy the giants, such as League of Legends or DOTA.

In Vainglory, there is a massive emphasis on jungle control, just like some MOBAs emphasise lane dominance. There aren’t as many heroes to choose from as with games such as League of Legends, but every single one stands out as a good choice full of personality.

7. Battlerite

While Battlerite might not follow the traditional MOBA architecture and might better be described as an arena brawler, it is undoubtedly an excellent addition to your arsenal of hero-battling games. Battlerite boasts excellent combat with a much larger emphasis on hitting your target vs. clicking your target.

The games are fast, action-packed, and enthralling from start to finish, with many ways to customise your heroes and their abilities. While Battlerite does utilise the traditional trinity of DPS, Tank, and Healer to a certain extent, it does it in a way that keeps things fresh.

6. Heroes of the Storm

Despite Blizzard not referring to Heroes of the Storm as a MOBA, some of their maps certainly operate with similar mechanics. Choosing a hero, you’ll push and defend your lane with powerful abilities from all your favourite Blizzard characters.

Heroes of the Storm includes many different maps that all have their own playstyles, but at the core of it all, you will always control your hero to help your teammates dominate the map.

5. Paladins

Paladins is an exciting free-to-play MOBA on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It introduces a unique mechanic that allows you to customise your abilities to create your own playstyles. Whether you want your shields to last longer, your weapons to have knockback effects or more, Paladins will let you do it.

While Paladins is not a traditional MOBA, it will undoubtedly appeal to MOBA fans.

4. Smite

Refraining from the traditional top-down view of most MOBAs, Smite makes use of a third-person camera to deliver you straight into the action. The characters consist of different gods from all mythologies, and their abilities do them ample justice.

3. DOTA 2

What many view as the successor to the game that started it all, DOTA 2 still enjoys a massive audience and with good reason. The traditional formula remains in place, with even the map having undergone little change from the original.

You can enjoy new heroes, riveting battles, and team-focused games that keep you busy from start to finish.

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

The mobile version of the most beloved MOBA in the world plays much better than you would expect, delivering everything you love about League of Legends straight to your phone. You have access to the same roster of champions and the same game modes you would expect from the PC version.

1. League of Legends

Ever since its release in 2009, League of Legends has enjoyed a growing community and a game that has kept increasing in complexity and offers to its players. With 40 champions released at launch, it now boasts more than 150. With three lanes and five roles in every match, you’ll have your pick of playstyles, aesthetics, and casual or ranked matches.

They’ve even introduced a Battle Pass for those who love to be rewarded for their playing.