The Temporal Invasion

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The Temporal Invasion by Hybriona Labs is a story-driven Puzzle Hunt Game based on Alternate History, Murder Mystery, History, X-Files and Science Fiction.

Do you want to feel like REAL Puzzle Solver and Explorer?

Then PLAY this Story-driven Puzzle Hunt Game based on Alternate History, Murder Mystery, History, X-Files and Science Fiction. And, You are free to use any available resources to solve it. Internet, Books, Encyclopedias, Library and absolutely anything! Yes, AnyThing! (Except Spoilers)"

"I am Obsessed with Time!"

You got a Document from an unknown person. When you opened that document, you learned about a person with the alias Dr. Quantum. In his writings, he proposed you to find out the truth of some Temporal Invasion.

According to him, the venture will also lead to some “Secret Thing” that Dr. Quantum has hidden somewhere. But he is very skeptic about you and will test you every time. And also, he is not very clear and always talks in limited phrases.

The Game is basically inspired from Traditional Puzzle Hunt with a Story based on many Conspiracy theories, Alternate history, and Science fiction elements.

Just like Traditional Puzzle Hunts, you will need to solve a puzzle so that you can acquire a clue for the next.

Each puzzle will be presented as a combination of Text and Picture. The puzzles will follow the storyline. The Clues may be hidden in the form of (but not limited to) History, Cryptograms, Steganograms, Riddles, Metaphors.

I remember fondly playing King's Quest and Space Quest back in the days, solving puzzles and figuring out what else to do in the game.

The Temporal Invasion definitely partially reminds me of those fine gaming days. However, instead of point and click adventure, The Temporal Invasion is a more text heavy puzzle in which, as mentioned, the puzzle can be in any kind of form.

I did have a hard time figuring out what to do in the game. But, as soon as you figure out how the game works, you will be faced with challenge after challenge and puzzle after puzzle.

However, there is one thing that the game suffers from. It suffers from a complex and crowded UI which might be due to the overcrowded background. It can feel very overwhelming at times, especially on the first run.

Overall, despite the convoluted buttons, The Temporal Invasion is one puzzle hunting game that will appeal to the targeted audience.

The Temporal Invasion

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