The Shade Forest by amandapps is an unusual action platformer game where kisses and slaps are your primary weapon of choice.

Oh no! The Hipocritics gang have invaded the Shade Forest! It's up to Drag-Queen Superstar Amanda Sparks to put a halt in those evil-doers plan! Jump, slide and save the poor creatures of the Shade Forest with the power of your Diva Lipstick Kiss! If you're out of kisses you can slap some sense into them!

Inspired by classic games from the 90's, but this time, you get to be a Drag Queen!


  • Extensive gameplay, can you play long enough to reach the final boss?
  • Intuitive "no thumb in character" touch control!
  • Randomly generated levels, you never know what you might run into!
  • Creatures that evolve while you progress!
  • Collect Mony! (no, that's not a typo)
  • Save Gogo Boys!
  • Upgrade Amanda!
  • Items and Powerups to make Amanda invincible!
  • 5 Challenging Bosses and Sub-bosses!
  • Exclusive B*tchslap mode!
  • Thophy and Collection room!
  • Original soundtrack by Positronic!

Please note this is a demo version of The Shade Forest which has limited features compared to the full app version.

Mario has his Fire Flower. Sonic has its spin and speed. But what does Amanda Sparks has? Well, she has her diva lipstick kiss and vicious bitch slap! What???

That's right! Welcome to The Shade Forest game where you get to blow kisses and bitch slap the monsters silly!

If you are looking for something new and fresh, The Shade Forest will give you some giggles and smiles while playing the game, at least I did! The game itself is an action platformer game with obstacles and monsters that are trying to put you down. Imagine Pitfall! game with more make ups, lipstick and a more chesty chest on Harry and you'll get Amanda Sparks in The Shade Forest.

Overall, the humour alone worth this game a try. The game itself is actually quite fun where you can buy upgrades and battle numerous monsters. The control is tight and responsive. The Shade Forest definitely provides gamers a fresh new take on action platfomer game!