The Recent Live Casino Releases l Winter-Spring 2022

The Recent Live Casino Releases l Winter-Spring 2022

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Live Casino Games Releases in 2022

Live casino is a popular trend in the casino industry, and nowadays, players prefer to go for the live gaming session, and it is due to the several reasons:

  • Live casino provides a real-time playing experience.
  • The players are given an interactive session where they can talk to the opponents.
  • It gives a highly inducing gaming experience.
  • The users can feel the air of socialization, which makes their gaming time a socialization time.
  • Players can pick any live casino game round the clock to play at the casino for real money.

Overall, the live casino is not a novice concept, but its popularity has boosted each successive year. In 2022, many online game developers have proposed their releases, including Evolution Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, and Digi Wheel, being the top ones to introduce their products. From these software developing companies, the players can expect the release of live game shows as well as the live slots.

XXXTREME Lightning Roulette

This game is highly energetic gameplay to the field where a high payout through Random Number Generator in combination with the live casino brings out a positively electrifying playing experience for the users. Interestingly, the game brings out the Chain Lightning, followed by more actions and double multipliers. So, overall, multipliers can increase from 50x up to 500x for a single lightning strike. In contrast, the double lightning strike goes up to 200x.

Crazy Coin Flip Live

One of the freshest games released by Evolution Gaming, the Crazy Coin Flip live gives you the taste of both live casino and slot games. Moreover, on the road to achieving more, the players encounter the maximum number of multipliers, which brings massive payouts. The game is divided into three bonus levels, and when it is combined with the live casino show, the excitement does not seem to fade away.

Evolution Gold Bar Roulette

It is another brand new live casino release of 2022 and is powered by Evolution. Once you enter the game, you get a rich feeling as all the settings are decorated with gold, and there is an enormous doorway at the other end of which is a gold bullion vault. With everything lit in the studio, a gold roulette is placed in the centre-right in front of the gold bullion vault.

What is interesting about this game is that unlimited highs could be played, which means that the bets could go higher and the payouts of the game.

Moreover, Evolution Gold Bar roulette is expected to bring the big multipliers, but it cannot be predicted right now how much they could be until the game is released.

Monopoly Big Baller Live

Another big hit that is expected to be coming is Evolution’s Monopoly Big Baller. So, the mechanism it employs is that the game will be using a Bingo Ball machine along with four bingo cards. Moreover, there is an RNG Monopoly bonus round. This round can only be reached once you successfully pass the game’s earliest stages. Therefore, in the bonus round, you have pair of roll dice with Three Rolls and Five Rolls. As the game progresses, you travel across the virtual monopoly board, and on the way, you collect many prizes, but you must save yourself by avoiding Texas and

Go To Jail

Overall in the main game, you have the chance to win too often because it is less volatile. Also, multipliers are assigned with the cards. On the other hand, though the bonus round has the potential to pay a grander prize compared to the main round, you can still lose easily. Therefore, you must be active while you bet for anything.

Super Andar Bahar

This variation is most famous in Asia, and it is a turbocharged version of the table games, as well as it incorporates the multipliers. So, the big surprise set by the Evolution is that it gives up to 4,000x of the multipliers when multipliers and cards are aligned.

Super Andar Bahar starts with a deck containing 52 playing cards, while the first card turned over is a joker card, and with it, the Andar or Bahar card positions must match. Next, the dealer goes through the positions of the cards that are facing up. Once a card matches the joker card, the round ends. The payouts of the matching cards differ based on their positions. So, if an Anadar card matches that of the dealers, then the paying ratio is 0.9:1, while for a Bahar card, the paying ratio is 1:1. Advantageously, multipliers are randomly assigned with the cards once the betting is closed for the participants and the dealer deals with the cards. So, the maximum multiplier bet in Andar Bahar is 3999, while the lowest is 9:1.

Ending Lines

In the year 2022, we expect something big will hit the live casino as in the already discussed titles; we can see that such games are filled with exciting rewards in the form of bonus games and multipliers. So, it gives the edge for the players to enjoy their game on a live screen and avail the chances for the top rewards.