The Newton Paradox

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The Newton Paradox by Envy Softworks is a platformer puzzle game where you are in charge of an exploration droid.

The year is 2512. The "Second Sun" our first manned space station has left the solar system! We finally thought that we would be able to find answers to the mysteries of the universe. We were wrong... We have lost contact with the space station.

You are in charge of XM-4326, an exploration droid with only one goal: Figure out what happened to the crew of the "Second Sun". Will your partially broken anti-grav module be enough to help you reach your goal?

The Newton Paradox was developed in 50 hours during the 4th Hellenic Game Jam where it got 5th place.


  • Explore an abandoned space station in an unexplored solar system!
  • Solve puzzles with the help of your anti-grav module!
  • Beautifull 2D space art!
  • A new take on platformer controls, jumping is no longer trivial!

  • F - Shoot an Anti-Gravity bullet to levitate objects
  • SpaceBar - Use your Anti-Gravity module to launch yourself up temporarily
  • R - Restart your level

Based on the title, The Newton Paradox, implies mysteries that involves gravity. Sure enough, the game's key feature has something to do about gravity, or in this case, anti-gravity.

From the start of the game you are handed the control of a loose droid inside a space station. In the beginning, you will be briefed on the control of the game while you are solving the puzzle on room to room.

The control is somewhat different from a normal platformer game in which when you activate the anti-grav module using space bar, it will make you fly to a certain height before it goes back down. It is also particular fun to be able to shoot anti-grav module to send boxes fly into the air. It would be great to have more variation of things that we can levitate!

Overall, this can be quite a challenging puzzle platformer game. Based on 48 hours worth of effort, this game does not disappoint and show some potential to be a more mainstream game provided that further development and polishing are done.

The Newton Paradox

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