The Most Played Games During Lockdown and Summer

The Most Played Games During Lockdown and Summer

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During lockdown, entertainment has been at a premium due to many being restricted to their houses due to the social distancing rules and many not being able to compete in their usual hobbies such as five-a-side football and going to the cinema. Due to this, the influx of gamers in the height of the lockdown was recorded at a record high, due to many being locked in at home – and if you were at home, you were online at some point in the day to pass time. Today, we look at some of the most played games over the lockdown and summer period.

The first game that springs to mind when it comes to talking about popular games during lockdown is one that was regarded as one of the games of 2020 and released right at the beginning of lockdown in March was Call of Duty’s attempt at a Battle Royale game in Warzone. Played by over 60 million people around the world now, the popular franchised game really cracked it with their version of a Battle Royale in which 150 players drop in to battle it out to be the last man standing; tied in with some of Call of Duty’s classics such as Precision Airstrikes and Cluster Strikes.

Another industry that has seen a rise in numbers during lockdown is the online casino world, in fact due to the limited sporting events due to the restrictions, they have seen punters move across into the gambling world to ensure they are still gaining their in-house entertainment. The reviews available at 24 Monaco casinos have been very impressive of late due to the amount of traffic they are receiving on their sites, the huge deposit matches they offer on all their games, as well as the best new customer welcome bonus’ in which some are deposit free – something that should definitely be checked out.

Another game that has been popular during the lockdown period has been the cartoon Olympics Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown. A fun little time-wasting game that seriously brings out the competitive edge out in players, is one that we have seen soaring through the rankings due to its colourful and entertainment factor. With over 16 million players now, and with that only being exclusive to PlayStation, numbers are due to rise when released on all platforms.