The Most Common Slot Machine Superstitions

The Most Common Slot Machine Superstitions

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Do you class yourself as superstitious? Do you avoid walking underneath ladders? Do you worry about getting 7 years of bad luck after cracking a mirror? Well, if you spend time in a casino, you will hear and see lots more superstitions in action.

Most gamblers are superstitious. The most superstitious gamblers are often slot players. There are a number of superstitions when it comes to playing slot machines. Keep reading below to find out some of the most common (and weirdest) slot machine superstitions:

Hot and Cold Drinks

Many slot machine players believe that you can increase your chances of winning by using warm or hot coins in the slot machines. This is why you see lots of people rubbing their coins in their hands before they place them into the machines. Other people, however, believe that using cold coins can help improve their chances of winning the jackpot. Either way, it’s easy to say that this is a myth. Every spin on a slot machine is random and the spins aren’t influenced by the temperature of the coins you insert.

Standing Up

While you may have seen people sitting in front of slot machines in a casino, there is a common belief that you’re more likely to win money if you stay standing up. What’s the reason for this? Some players think that slot machines can tell when you feel comfortable and are less likely to pay out if this is the case. Now, before online slot players start standing up to see if they have a better chance of winning big money with 7 slots, let’s think about this carefully. The truth is that every slot machine spin is a random event, so it doesn’t matter if you’re standing, sitting, or even lying down. Your chances of winning don’t alter.

Location is Important

Lots of slot machine players will only play slot machines that are located near the entrance of a casino. They believe that casino owners place looser machines near the entrances to draw players in. Now, this superstition may actually be true. Casino owners want to create an exciting atmosphere that encourages other players to have a go. They often place exciting machines that give users a higher possibility of winning near the entrance. Who wouldn’t want the chance of winning big?

New Slots Improve Your Chances

Many players are under the impression that new slot machines (both online and in the real world) hand out better payments. They believe that casinos give higher payouts on these machines to encourage players to play them again. Although we’d like to believe this, it is actually a myth that has been encouraged by casino owners, as it encourages players to spend more money. The truth is that no slots are set up to do this. They are ruled by strict laws and regulations, so you have as much chance of winning with your first spin as you do with your 1,000th spin.

Don’t Use Your Players Club Card

Using your players’ club card in a casino can bring you a number of benefits, bonuses, and discounts. Yet there are a number of slot players that believe these cards will actually reduce your chances of winning. They think that casino owners use these cards to see how much you are winning and if they think you’re winning too much, they will stop the machine from paying out. While it may be true that a casino owner can track how much money you’ve won within their casino, they cannot adjust the machines to suit themselves and to stop you from winning.

Touching the Screen

If you’ve spent time in a casino then there’s a good chance you’ll have spotted people methodically touching and tapping the screens on the slot machines. The idea is that when you touch certain symbols like wilds, you’re more likely to spin them again. This will hopefully increase your payout potential. Any logical human being will understand that touching or tapping the screen is a pointless exercise. The only way this will affect your game is by leaving smears across the slot screen.

Slots That Haven’t Paid Out in a While Will Pay Out Soon

This is a common superstition held by gamblers. They believe that if a machine hasn’t paid out in a long time, then it’s due to pay out soon. Similarly, they believe that if a machine has just paid out the jackpot, it’s unlikely to do so again for a long time. The problem with this superstition is that every single spin is random and none of them are influenced in any way by other spins. This means that this superstition is incorrect.

Online Slots are Fixed

Some people will play slots in a land-based casino but will avoid playing online. The reason for this is because they believe that online slots are rigged to reduce your chances of winning big. This is untrue. Online slots (like land-based casinos) have to follow strict laws and regulations. Whilst there are some dodgy operators online, you can rest assured that all licenced casinos are fair to their players.

While there are a number of superstitions around slot machines, the majority of them are just that – superstitions. They are out of this world beliefs that have no logical or scientific basis behind them. Slots are random and there’s very little you can do to influence your chances of winning. As long as you realise this, you can sit back and enjoy the fun of playing your favourite games.