The Hardest Mobile Games

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Sometimes playing games on your smartphone is not just relaxation. With slots and, it can become a way to earn money. And with these games, it will get into a way to improve your skills.

No Humanity

Call it unfair, impossible, but at least the developers are honest with gamers and already in the title revealed all the cards. After training, you are sent straight to space hell. The task is simple. You need to keep the maximal time, your result will be put to the wall of fame, and everyone will be happy. Even fifteen seconds here seems like an eternity because total bacchanalia is happening on the screen. A player controls a small spaceship that maneuvers between lasers, bullets of various calibers and other unidentified objects.

Gradually you’ll get used to it and be rewarded with coins. You can spend money at the local machines. The prizes for winning are ship skins, which can both make it easier and harder to get through because the size and shape of the ship here plays a vital role.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

The gameplay here is designed for a minimum of two people and up to four. Your task is to deliver various items from one point to another. It’s not that easy to do because the local ragdoll flips not only the machines but also your idea of real physics. You can deliver items by plane or motorboat, but the most important thing is to get to the final point.

But that’s not all. Imagine that you need to throw a huge fish to the tower or even worse to deliver dynamite without the slightest shocks. Otherwise, it will explode, and the mission will be failed. Either way, Totally Reliable Delivery Service will allow friends to pass a fair amount of time together while still maintaining social distance.

Two Dots

The game is divided into levels. At the beginning you will be led by the hand and shown the basics: you need to connect the dots. Each stage gives you a field of different shapes, on which as candy scattered minimalistic dots of different colors. Connect them in a minimum number of moves or at least fit into the maximum number of them. It is best to look for dots of the same color that take the shape of a square.

As in other arcade projects, users try to get the maximum number of stars, that is three, for each level. Even if you meet the allotted number of moves and burst the required number of dots, it does not guarantee three stars.