The greatness of Friday Night Funkin

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A simple music game where the main task is to survive until the very end until the track is completed. It would seem, what could be simpler? But this game would not be so popular if it were as simple as it seems at first glance. The greatness of FNF lies not only in its simplicity and rhythmic melodies, but also in the constant nervous breakdowns of users, since many levels are so difficult that it is simply impossible to pass them the first, or even the tenth time.

The main characters and their opponents

FNF games are rich in antagonists, and the main character here is an ordinary guy in a cap, whose name is Boyfriend. He fell in love with a sweet and very pretty girl, but the acquaintance did not work out from the very beginning. To win the heart of a beautiful girl named Girlfriend, you will need to master song skills. To begin with, the main character will be confronted by one, but very serious opponent – a former rock star. By chance, it turned out to be the girl’s father, who with all his heart is against them being together. To prove the purity of your intentions, you will have to defeat the antagonist in a fair musical duel. However, the battles will not end there, as there will be more and more opponents. In addition to the original rivals in the person of the girl’s father and mother, as well as some others, like Pico, there will be other characters in the FNF games. They appear with the release of various additions to FNF. So, for example, you can play mods online and meet long-known characters like Shrek, Scooby-Boo, SpongeBob and many others. All of them will try on the role of antagonists and try to defeat Boyfriend, who has already become known in wide circles as a real professional in musical duels.

Fun and simple gameplay

The game Friday Night Funkin was loved by many because of its simplicity in terms of control, but not in terms of passage. Despite the fact that winning a music battle is very difficult, this does not prevent you from enjoying the gameplay. You just need to carefully monitor the arrows flying from the bottom of the screen to the top, where their stationary “doubles” are located. At the moment when both figures intersect and are on a par, you need to quickly press the corresponding button on the keyboard to earn a rating point. Each successful press will be accompanied by a corresponding musical effect. In order for Boyfriend to continue to sing without hesitation, you need to try to click the buttons without misses. To know how far you are from losing, you need to regularly look at the progress bar located at the bottom of the screen. There are usually two icons located there – the heads of the Boyfriend and his opponent. If the enemy “crush” the main character and the strip is completely painted in his color, then you will have to spend time replaying it.

FNF mods

It is largely thanks to mods that FNF has become so popular, as they help the game develop and move in the right direction. For example, many mods add the characters discussed above to FNF. The number of added heroes can be dozens, or even hundreds. Of course, almost each of them has several tracks or even full weeks of musical compositions in stock. Among other things, the mods will appeal to fans of hardcore, since in some cases Friday Night Funkin becomes simply impassable. You can lose literally in the first seconds if you don’t quickly get your bearings and start clicking on the right buttons, and at the right moment. You can also easily get eliminated from a music tournament if you often make mistakes and blunders.