The Greatest Yachting and Sailing Games and Simulators

The Greatest Yachting and Sailing Games and Simulators

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The benefits of simulators, no matter what area they concern, often generate heated debates among admirers and opponents of virtual learning. Of course it’s difficult to call the winner in the shooter genre a real warrior; driving a virtual car cannot replace the reality of the road; it’s strange to consider the winner of a virtual yachting an experienced captain. On the other hand modern technologies are capable of simulating completely realistic situations for those on the virtual battlefield, both behind the wheel of a computer car and under the sail of a virtual yacht.

Simulators are also valued for the opportunity to operate a car that you would never afford, on a track that you are unlikely to ever drive on. As for sailing on a yacht, only very wealthy people or those who are lucky enough to vacation in one of the countries where yacht rental services are developed can afford such a hobby. For example, if you fly to the UAE or specifically to Dubai, which is famous for its luxurious entertainment, then there you can find Best Yacht Rental Dubai Services and fulfill your dream – ride a yacht while admiring the stunning views of the city. But you are unlikely to be allowed to control the yacht or only under the close supervision of the captain and then only for a few minutes. To operate a yacht you must have a special license. But as for novice yachtsmen, virtual simulators are a good alternative to practical training. A yacht is too expensive a toy for inexperienced hands. Simulators, at a minimum, allow you to consolidate your theoretical knowledge, and then you can go to practical classes.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of the best games and simulators about yachts and sailing. If you want to race across the vast expanses of water, leaving everyday problems behind and at the same time practice sailing a yacht, then these projects will come in handy!


Sailaway is a yachting simulator in which the user will have to navigate the ocean. The gamer needs to learn how to handle the yacht in order to freely explore the waters. At the same time, the sailing boats presented in the game are endowed with unique characteristics that allow you to evaluate the diversity of their behavior in conditions close to reality. The good thing about the game is that it has several modes and beginners can hone their knowledge of yacht control while simultaneously learning how sailing ships work.

Hydrofoil Generation

Hydrofoil Generation is a catamaran and yacht simulator with realistic gameplay. The project was born thanks to the co-founder of Kunos Simulazioni who released the most popular Assetto Corsa, which is a car simulator. You can find reviews about this game on the Internet. Users write that the game is so realistic that you are completely immersed in the world of racing. The world around is thought out to the smallest detail and the cars in it are so detailed and correspond to the characteristics that driving a car in this simulator gives the impression that you rent an audi car and drive along the picturesque streets of Dubai. Therefore, you can already imagine how realistic yacht control will be in the Hydrofoil Generation game. The models presented in the game have good physics of behavior on the water and can capsize in the event of incorrect user actions.


The eSail simulator, with an emphasis on realistic gameplay, is able to please fans of the genre with the ability to control a sailing vessel. Users are encouraged to take control of the yacht and learn the basics of sailing. The project has a tutorial to help beginners understand the mechanics and nuances of the gameplay, as well as several modes. The latter include free-swimming and multiplayer.

Of course, virtual yachting cannot replace the true romance of the sea, it cannot provide the impression of spaciousness and freshness of open water and a computer yachtsman cannot feel the emotions of a real sailing race. At the same time, everyone has the right to choose whether to stay a sofa skipper or to rent a yacht and become a true sailor, acquiring real marine science.